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Disposable emails are a greatly convenient way to register on websites or receive quick emails without receiving any spam messages in the future. One web service that provides with quickly expiring disposable email addresses is “10 Minute Mail.”


10 Minute Mail is a free to use web service that provides with a disposable email address. What sets this site apart from similar sites is that it provides email addresses which are valid only for 10 minutes. You can visit the website and an address is automatically generated for you. You can refresh the webpage to see if you have received any new messages and to read them. The keeps you updated on how much time is remaining in your 10 minutes; in case you need more time, simply click on the link that says “I need more time! Give me 10 more minutes!” and the timer will restart from the 10 minute mark while your disposable email address will remain the same.


Check out 10 Minute Mail @

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