10+1 Undeniable Reasons Why I Consider Mac Better Than PC

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Note from the editor: The ideas presented in the article below belong to one of the MakeUseOf authors and do not reflect that of the site. MakeUseOf.com doesn’t take sides when it comes to choosing between Mac and PCs.

Before we begin, let us set something straight: Mac is actually a PC because PC stands for “Personal Computer”. However, to avoid confusion, within this article I’d follow the terms that everybody else uses: the Apple-manufactured personal computers with Mac OS are Macs, while the other personal computers (with Windows) are PCs.


Hi, I’m a Mac and also a PC. I live in both worlds and try my best not to take sides. But boy, that’s really hard!

While trying not to exaggerate, I have to say that from the personal computer user’s point of view who uses both, one is clearly more superior than the other. Maybe The Big M – who, along with its PC hardware vendors, dominate the majority of world’s personal computer market – also realized the fact and felt necessary to release the series of “kinda desperate” ads about “cheap PCs” (pun intended). I saw few of the ads in the series including the latest installment and was ‘slightly offended’ by the way the company think of its consumers’ intelligence.

Personal feelings aside, there are real factors that set Mac and PCs apart. And here are the undeniable reasons that I can sort out which make Mac better than PCs. In no particular order.

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why mac is better than pc

1. Apple is one of the almost-unrivalled worldwide trend makers

Personal computers used to be boxy and dark grey until the candy colored iMacs and iBooks came along. Then everybody tried their luck with minimalistic white after the white iBook appearance. Everybody started their own music store after iTunes Music Store and everybody produced portable MP3 players trying to take down iPod. Every cellphone manufacturer creates their own iPhone-ish model with large touch screen and the round-edge-rectangle icons. Even the “i” in front of the product names are followed by everybody.

The list goes on and might not stop with more trends coming in the future. Shall we continue?

why mac is better than pc

2. Macs produce better advertisements

From Ridley Scott’s 1984 “Big Brother” to the “Envelope-thin Macbook Air” to the “Mac vs PC“; either in print or in multimedia; all Mac advertisements that I’m aware of are artistically designed and professionally produced. Many has become classic and iconic. You can see the proof by looking at some of the many parodies out there.

How many PC advertisements can you remember?

why mac is better than pc

3. Mac can run Windows natively

After the transition to Intel processor, all Mac machines can run Windows natively with BootCamp. And some even says it’s faster. Here’s a quote from PC World’s 2007 article about the most notable Notebooks:

The fastest Windows Vista notebook we’ve tested this year is a Mac.

No PCs to date can run Mac natively. Even if you count the Hackintosh community in.

mac better than pc

4. Mac OS X can survive for weeks without the need of rebooting

I have to admit that I can’t find references on how long is the range between reboots on Mac OS X, so I just put my own experience here. I never really turn off my white MacBook. I just close the lid whenever I need to move between office and home. The last reboot that I can remember is about two or three weeks ago when I upgrade Glims for Safari.

How long can a PC survive without the need of rebooting?

mac better than pc

5. Mac OS X has no virus headache problems

Please note that I’m not saying there’s no virus for Mac. Maybe there is, but ever since I use Mac – back to my iBook clamshell days – I haven’t had to deal with one yet. Lucky me.

The office PC that we use on the other hand, always had an antivirus program installed and still got infected, crashed, and the Windows had to be reinstalled several times. And I can’t remember a time when the PC isn’t downloading the latest antivirus definition updates.

6. Mac has multi-touch technology

Pinch, rotate, swipe, scroll; even Windows users have to admit that this technology is cool.

mac better than pc

7. Apple gives the customer the best support – survey said

Instead of explaining, I will just give you the direct links of articles:

And this also includes the mobile phone world:

  • Apple Ranks Highest among Smartphone Consumers.


8. Mac makes better phone platform

I have to include iPhone in the discussion as the OS is based on Mac OS X. While I myself do not use either iPhone or Windows Mobile-based phone and can’t give fair comparison, I think point number 7 above on the smartphone will give you a picture.


9. Apple creates really fanatic users

But instead of debating over this fanboys matter, maybe what we really should do is just accept the fact that Mac users are fanatic users and try to find out how Apple can pull it off. Eventhough this is rather self explanatory after looking at point number 7.

But allow me to give my humble opinion: most PC users use PCs because they have to, while Mac users use Mac because they want to. I know many PC users who willingly switch (or half-switch) to Mac, but I don’t know any Mac users who switch to PC because they want to. But then again, maybe I just don’t have too many friends?

10. Macs are cheaper than PCs

I know the statement will enrage many Mac haters out there, but allow me to explain. Many Mac users challenge PC users to compare both product using the same exact configuration, differs only in the OS; but that is not what I mean here.

Let us examine the whole user’s experience of using Mac versus using PC. If you include the whole headaches and time wasted of trying to make the best out of both products, I think using Mac would turn out cheaper.

Also consider this fact: the G4 800 iBook that I bought back in 2002 is still up and running using the latest version of Mac OS X. Slower, but still usable. Can a 2002 PC do the same with the latest version of Windows? So, if you also calculate the hardware upgrades needed to always keep up with the latest OS, PCs can’t beat Mac.

11. Mac is a nicer paperweight

This one is a bonus point. I don’t really get the paperweight joke thing, but it always comes out in every flame war between Mac and PC fanboys. But even if PC users called Mac “a very expensive paperweight”, Mac is still a nicer paperweight considering the product design.

Closing: One reason why PCs are better than Mac

And to keep my judgement within the objective side, I’d like to close with the only reason I could find why PCs are better than Mac: wider options.

Only one company makes Macs while who knows how many are producing PCs (the hardware). So I think it would be logical that people could find (or build) PCs (the hardware) in any configuration and budget imaginable. That side of the PC world could not be competed by Mac.

At the end, the users will choose whatever product to use based on whatever reasons they have. Not everybody can or want to be a Mac user. So, if you want a good personal computer with an affordable buying price you can buy a PC and install Linux on it.

I tried to keep my list of reasons why Mac is better than PCs from growing way too long, so I’d stop here. Feel free to add more in the comment below.

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Comments (212)
  • Alex Sonny

    Very nice satirical article! Number 10 really got me haha.

  • Proof time!

    reason 1:
    Your opinion, not fact.

    reason 2:
    Not only another opinion but also totally unrelated to Macs, maybe to apple, but not Macs.

    reason 3:
    Windows can run Windows natively, oh and also it can run Mac.

    reason 4:
    I’ve been running this computer for about a year without a single crash.

    reason 5:
    AVG free protects against pretty much all viruses that you would run into in less you are going around some suspicious sites.

    reason 6:
    So does Windows 7, i fail to see the point.

    reason 7:
    First time you are right but, we don’t need customer support we have 97% of the internet to help us.

    reason 8:
    IPhone OS is not based off Mac it just looks like it, plus there is no Windows or linux based phone so, you can’t really argue that.

    reason 9:
    Mac users don’t switch Windows because they have never used anything past 98 so they don’t know how much better it is.

    reason 10:
    If you build your own PC you can buy a PC as powerful as a Mac that costs $1500 for $500, also how much headache it gives you doesn’t matter about the cost, because cost, is how much money you pay not how much bang for your buck you get, lastly, if you know what you are doing and/or follow the directions there is no headache for any computer.

    reason 11:
    My mouse is a better paper weight and it cost 1/20 of a Mac.

    • Anubhav

      Well – a reply to this comment is much needed – as again, one more PC user is just trying to act smart –
      REASON 1 –
      IT IS A FACT! not just an opinion. In the last decade, Apple, has revolutionized the (a)Music industry [the itunes store is now one of the biggest salepoints for music] (b) Mobile phone industry [the iphone – considering it is the largest selling phone since it has been released – and the technology it incorporated into cellphones had not been so prevelant before] (c) The computer industry – The mac’s, whether you like it or not – are now the industry standards. Even windows strives only to reach the standards of MAC OS. And if you do a little bit of googling – you will find that even Bill Gates and Balmer agree to this.

      REASON 2
      I agree – should not have been part of the argument. Better advertisments should not mean better computers.

      REASON 3
      WINDOWS CANNOT RUN MAC OS natively!!!!! Whoever told you this is lying! – You can only run something called Hackintosh on a PC – (and even then, you will have to install windows using bootcamp – so windows will run under the mac kernel – not the other way around) – Hackintosh is a hacked version of Mac OS, re-configured to work on a non-apple pc by hackers – and not by apple.

      REASON 4
      WELL!! You are lucky! – BTW, the author talks about rebooting – not about crashing.
      Try running windows continuously for a week – without switching it off – and see how it starts to lag (if it doesnt automatically crash and reboot by then) Also – the comparison here is not to YOUR pc – but on general terms. People who only use their PC’s for email / office – will obviously suffer less crashes than others. But on a wide range – it is an accepted fact, that the MAC OS is much more stable than windows. Primary reason – is that MAC runs on Darwin. Which is the most stable backend ever.

      REASON 5
      you answered this yourself. The fact is – THAT YOU HAVE TO RUN AVG! Have you ever tried finding out how much resources are taken up by AVG to protect your precious PC from online threats? The fact is again – windows is susceptible to viruses while macs are not. The whole point here is not that you can or cannot protect from viruses – but the fact that Windows users need to install a virus scanner, which may or may not protect them.
      And do you trust AVG?? As in – if it tells you that you dont have any viruses/worms/trojans – are you actually clean? What is the guarantee that there arent any such things on your pc which cant be detected by AVG?

      REASON 6
      I agree. So does Windows 7. But – Windows 7 was released in late 2009. Multi touch technology on macs has existed since MAC OSX 10.4 – released in 2006. Just re-emphasizes point 1.
      Like it or not – windows follows the Mac OS. Not the other way around. Windows does now, what Mac’s have been doing for years.

      REASON 7
      Customer support is not having random people on the internet help you. Customer support is – when you want to replace you hard drive – Apple makes sure you do not lose anything and are migrated to your new HDD smoothly – customer support means that when there is a problem with your computer – you can get it repaired / replaced without any headaches. It means you can call someone you can trust – who will help you in one go – rather than you having to try various solutions posted by various different people.

      REASON 8
      Dude – uve got your facts completely wrong. The Iphone OS is a stripped down version of Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) – it runs the Darwin kernel and the same backend – only a phone based GUI. So technically – It is based of a Mac. AND ALSO – HAVE YOU NOT HEARD OF WINDOWS MOBILE???????? AND THERE ARE ENOUGH WINDOWS MOBILE PHONES OUT THERE! – Half the Palm treos and HTC’s and Sony’s are Windows Mobile – And that means they are WINDOWS BASED! AND – MOTOROLA’s LATEST PHONES ARE LINUX BASED! Please at least google things before you speak them! EVEN ANDROID IS LINUX BASED!

      REASON 9 –
      You are wrong. I am primarily a MAC user – and i have a windows desktop (which is used strictly only for gaming)- and i have used everything up from 98 to ME to 200 to XP to Vista Ultimate and now Windows 7. So to say that mac users have not used windows since 98 – u are wrong. One question to you though – HAVE YOU EVER USED A MAC?

      REASON 10 –
      Please understand the statement the author makes. He is talking about how over a period of time – a windows pc is actually more expensive to run – considering the maintainence and upgrades required. He is not talking about the cost required to build a pc or buy a mac.

      REASON 11 –
      I agree – your mouse will make a better paper weight and cost much less than a mac. Unfortunately, I havent yet seen a mac being used as paperweight to comment on this – but yeah – have seen quite a few pc’s (not to mention the blue screen that shows on them)

  • hahaahaha

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  • plz

    and btw ur all fags get a life

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Affiliate Disclamer

This review may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.

For more details, please read our disclosure.
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