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It’s natural to have an outpouring of stories when a loved one dies. If your family is spread over great distances, or just likes to coordinate things online, the free service 1000 Memories gives you the ability to share stories, pictures and even organize a foundation in memory of a recently deceased friend or family member.

online memorial pages

The service is clean and easy to use, meaning friends and family of all age groups and levels of technical competence should have no trouble getting this to work. Tell stories, upload photos, sign a guest book or even start a project – such as a donation to a particular cause – in your loved one’s name.

free memorial web page

Why not use a service such as Facebook for this? For one thing, many people don’t have Facebook pages. Asking them to create one to participate in the grieving process isn’t respectful. Also, Facebook is overtly commercial, whereas 1000 Memories is clean and ad-free. This may seem minor, but is an important consideration when trying to honour someone’s memory – and include everyone.


  • Easily set up a free memorial web pagel for a recently passed loved one.
  • Tell stories, upload photos, sign a guest book or start a project in honour of your loved one.
  • Free, no advertising.
  • Similar tools: YourTribute and FuneralProgramTemplates.

Check out 1000 Memories @

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  1. Nicole
    July 22, 2010 at 8:10 pm

    I don't have any personal experience with 1000 Memorials, but I do with Valley of Life online memorials. They have a great selection of templates, even those honoring US military veterans, police, and firefighters. They are also ad free and give you the ability to upload photos, videos, and audio. I've used Valley of Life online memorials for a couple of my family members; easy to use and looks great.