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Did you recently buy a Nokia Lumia 900? If you did, you might have encountered a connectivity glitch which sometimes prevents the phone from connecting to AT&T’s data networks. Nokia didn’t take long to respond, and they have now announced a solution to the problem, as well as a $100 rebate to all who purchased the device, or will purchase it before April 21st.

According to Nokia, the connectivity issue is purely a software problem. Nothing is wrong with the hardware or with the network itself. The solution Nokia is offering is in the form of a software update, which will available via Zune around April 16th. Alternatively, users can swap their current Lumia 900 for an updated device.

But Nokia is not stopping here. If you already purchased a Nokia Lumia 900, or plan to do so before April 21st, you will receive a $100 credit to your AT&T bill. With the Lumia 900’s current $99 price tag, this means that Nokia are virtually giving away this award-winning device. Nokia did not mention, however, what will happen to customers who bought the device off-contract.

Nokia is definitely pushing the Lumia 900 hard, and this new offer means users can get the device without any financial risk. Will it pay off and turn the Lumia 900 into a hit? We’ll have to wait and see. Will you buy the Lumia 900 under these new circumstances? What do you think of Nokia’s response to the problem?

Source: Conversations by Nokia


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