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“There’s no place like”.

Didn’t get it? That’s geek humor. Just so that you know, it’s a play on the familiar – “There’s no place like home.”

From the outside, the world of bits and bytes might seem very dry indeed. But if you have spent any time in a digital office or even better, at an IT help desk, you would know that it’s fertile ground for jokes. Computer errors and mishaps are the banana peels of the geek world.

The one advantage that geeks have is that we can poke fun at machines too and the slip-ups they cause in our lives. In fact, having a developed sense of humor is a prime requisite for surviving the stresses of a digital workplace. Fortunately, if you look around there’s lot to poke fun and laugh at. Remember, even a company like Google laughs at itself Smile With Google: 8 Funny Websites That Are Based On Google Smile With Google: 8 Funny Websites That Are Based On Google Read More .

Humor cannot be built up with long introductions. The path to the joke should be the shortest possible, so sally over to these tech humor websites and give those laugh lines a workout.

Tech Comedy

computer jokes


Real life is funny and this site mirrors it.  It’s a collection of humorous anecdotes and first-person accounts of support personnel when non-geeks bring their computers in. As they say, the guy whom you dial for help hears all the crazy stories and we can all have a laugh as a result.


funny computer jokes

This site is a must visit for any guy who fancies a laugh, period. It just so happens that they have an entire section devoted to ribbing the guy who’s high on hi-tech. Here, you don’t get one liner jokes or stories; instead you face their sarcasm dripping articles that looks at everything from absurd angles. Also, don’t miss the photo captions. If you read through, it makes for loads of laughs. As a sample, try – If The Internet Disappeared: Finding Answers Without Google

Give Up Internet

funny computer jokes

If the previous site is a bit text heavy, this one favors images. The above picture had me grinning. The tech humor blog is for the “internet people”, and it is built around news, pictures, funny comics, videos, and animated GIFs.


funny computer jokes

Their About page itself is worth a read and quite definitely lays down what the site aims to do. Don’t believe them when they say that the blog is a collaboration between Nissan, PepsiCo and the current Belizian government. It isn’t; instead it’s a satirical poke at everything and anything that’s digital. The site is a bit stagnant now, with its last update in 2010, but the stories are still worth a laugh.

Geeks Are Sexy

technology computer jokes

It’s a personal opinion, but I do like the post titles the site comes up with. Geeks Are Sexy (or GAS for you) looks at tech happenings in an offbeat tone. Most of posts are news oriented, but the stuff that really interests me comes with ‘Humor’ tag. Snippets, cartoons, videos, and animations make for some fun reading in the Humor section. The funnies are collated from various corners of the web and presented for our reading pleasure (like the one above).

The Joy Of Tech Comic

technology computer jokes

You could go to the parent site – GeekCulture and still have a laugh as it showcases instances of geeky humor from around the web, or you could stay put and read the tech comics in the sub-section. The site has a decade’s worth of archives that you can sift through if you need regular doses of light reading. Then, you can take part in the polls too.

Shark Tank

technology computer jokes

True stories from the tech world and as the blog says, it’s the place where IT and people’s cluelessness collides. Shark Tank courtesy, Sharky’s razor wit is a part of the online website. You can even download a PDF on The Best of Shark Tank that has more than 70 tales of IT miseries documented by readers.

I will let you figure this collection out for yourself. Urban Dictionary defines it as – a site with examples of people making complete asses of themselves on IRC or while instant messaging.

Geek Invasion

The site says that it’s dedicated to feeding geeks ‘relevant information’. News bytes, images, and videos”¦some cool and some downright funny fill the geek’s day. For instance, What Grills Faster? Android, WinPhone or iPhone 4? Find it out here. – Geeky Fun

computer jokes

When I am plugging other websites, how can I forget my own; especially when we have so many years of happy pickings? It is one of the lesser known features of our site, so sometimes if you feel that you could do with a break”¦head here. The funnies are just a click away.

The geeky world is full of wit as it is of wisdom. If you still feel that your life could do with some more laughter, we won’t disappoint you. Here’s a collection of top-lined, high-on-the-laugh scale posts you should check out ““

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We will continue to lighten up your mood. Help us out by letting us know about your favorite watering hole for geeky humor.

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