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Isn’t there unfathomable power in the wisdom of the wise and famous? A good quotation gives us an immediate dose of horse sense. Or it sometimes provokes a chuckle. A great quotation goes beyond and becomes a philosophy. I am sure we all love sayings and quotations. The internet has a fair sprinkling of such founts of wise insights. They may not turn us into a Solomon but they sure do uplift, motivate and humor.

Here are ten amongst the many we can turn to for quick reading.


I have met a lot of hardboiled eggs in my time, but you’re twenty minutes – Oscar Wilde

10 Websites For A Daily Fix Of Sayings & Quotations thinkexist

A compilation of 300,000 quotations by over 20,000 authors should be enough to last a lifetime. The quotations are arranged around tabbed Quotations (which give the top user rated quotations), Authors, Topics, Keywords (an alphabetical index) and a Contributors listing. Thinkexist has a search box which lets the user search by a word. Though a user needs to do a free registration to go beyond the first four pages.

You can suggest a revision, send a quote as an e-card, comment on a quotation or bookmark it. Thinkexist quotations can also be added to a website/blog through a copy-pasted HTML code. Get a daily quote in your email for free or get one printed on your T-shirt at a cost at the online store. Thinkexist takes the power of sayings quite seriously.


I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse – from The Godfather

10 Websites For A Daily Fix Of Sayings & Quotations quotesnet

Could a website on quotations be named anything else? The site lists thousands of quotations which can be browsed, searched, heard and translated to several languages. A user can search quotes by Author, by Subject or from Movies.

A small pointer at the end of each quote takes it to its individual page where one can click the voice icon to hear it aloud, translate it through a dropdown, rate it or add it to your bibliography. Even though not all the translations are word perfect, this is a nice feature.

Quotations Book

Keep true to the dreams of your youth – Johann Friedrich Von Schiller

10 Websites For A Daily Fix Of Sayings & Quotations quotations book1

A very neat website with a community feel. Search for a quotation or pick it up by People or Tags. You can send it across to friends or discuss it at the website forum (quaintly called the Village Inn).

QOTD (Quotes of The Day) can be added at numerous places – websites, blogs, Facebook, Windows Vista Sidebar, Pageflakes, iGoogle, Netvibes and even as a plug-in on Skype. And of course, you can get it by daily email and feeds too.

Famous Quotes and Authors

The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow – H. G. Wells

10 Websites For A Daily Fix Of Sayings & Quotations famous quotes

25,000 quotations from 6,700 sages is a large resource and all that is neatly arranged around the usual Topic, Author and Most Popular. If a website only has to be about the sayings of the wise and famous then this is it. But I wish they had a QOTD mailing list.


All things are ready, if our minds be so – William Shakespeare

10 Websites For A Daily Fix Of Sayings & Quotations litquotes

Quotations gleaned from the great works of literature. Although Litquotes does not have a huge collection yet (about 1,900), its focus on literary quotations arranged around Topics, Book Titles and Authors gives us some gems.

The website also has a gift shop though for now it seems a bit limited in range.

Quotes Daddy

If you can’t convince them, confuse them – Harry S Truman

10 Websites For A Daily Fix Of Sayings & Quotations quotesdaddy

Another Web 2.0 site with a warm interface, it features over 1,000,000 quotations. It lets you add, share and even create your own quotes. The service is enhanced by customizable widgets and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) which can be added to blogs and websites.

The one feature you might like to try out immediately is the random Gmail signature quote which inserts a quote as a Gmail signature using the Quotes Daddy feed.


Ah, beer. So many choices, and it makes so little difference – Bender Bending Rodriguez

10 Websites For A Daily Fix Of Sayings & Quotations quotiki

Quotiki is a Wiki for quotations. And just like any Wiki you can submit, edit, rate and collate quotes.

As of date, the Wiki shows a collection of 1,300+ quotes and rising. The site is typically simplistic with a search box and tabs which allows you to find quotes by Sources, People, Tag and Users.


When women go wrong, men go right after them – Mae West

10 Websites For A Daily Fix Of Sayings & Quotations quotes4all

Surprisingly, this site does not announce itself by its name on the landing page. There’s just a random quote and the author photo. Quotations can be narrowed down by Authors, Topics, Voting or a Random choice. There is an Animation section which simply are Java applets displaying scrolling quotes.

The one feature I find handy is in the Preferences section – I can filter the quotes by size (small, medium or large). You can opt for a mailing list to get a QOTD and also use the Tools section to integrate quotations with your site, iMac dashboard or the iGoogle page.


Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead – Benjamin Franklin

10 Websites For A Daily Fix Of Sayings & Quotations quotegasm

A user-powered quotations site with a very simple but easygoing interface. Still at a nascent stage, it is advertised as the YouTube for quotes as it lets users put in new quote, edit existing quotes as well as rate, review, share, categorize, and bookmark quotes. That means you have to register which is a five second process.


At Google, we have a saying: launch early and iterate – Google

10 Websites For A Daily Fix Of Sayings & Quotations quotag

This web service is not a straight out quotations site. It is in fact a service which allows us to “˜save, manage and share the most remarkable quotes people find while browsing the net.’ A simple bookmarklet allows us to mark the text in the browser, add tags and include it in our Quotag account for sharing. All user harvested quotes can be read by the tags. One can login to the site using a Google account. iPhone users have it good as they can import the quotations and read them on the device.

These 10 websites should be more than enough to give us a glut of great quotes.  Or do you know of any other good quotation websites? If so then speak out in the comments below.

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