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websites for kidsKids represent a large slice of the demographic pie. That’s quite obvious from the large number of web services that cater exclusively to kids. And why not; kids of today take to the mouse or the joystick as earlier generations used to take to plastic bats and balls.

We, at haven’t shortchanged them at all. From apps for kids to specific posts that cover fun sites 5 Websites to Keep Kids Busy & Happy 5 Websites to Keep Kids Busy & Happy Read More , search engines 10 Search Engines For Kids That Help Out Parents With Safe Browsing 10 Search Engines For Kids That Help Out Parents With Safe Browsing Read More , or inspiration Inspire Your Child To Become An Astronaut With NASA's Fun Tools For Kids Inspire Your Child To Become An Astronaut With NASA's Fun Tools For Kids Read More , we try to do our bit. Because, more than the child, it’s also the parent who is searching for a safe corner on the web for unadulterated kiddie fun.

Video websites for kids is a popular search term on the web. Just as adults have the best of television and the online world when it comes to video, so should our kids. It’s just that there content needs to be more strictly moderated and should blend in subjects that are for kids-eyes-only.

So here are ten online video streaming websites for kids that are closest to a responsible parent’s heart, and of course the kid’s.


websites for kids and its collection of videos for kids cover their entertainment till age 10. In fact, you or your child can select videos by age. Then there are the child friendly channels like Harry Potter, Farm Animals, Space, Cute Animals, etc. to pick a video to watch from. Most of the videos are hosted on YouTube. Each video gets screened for appropriateness before it features on the online video site. If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or an iPad, then there’s a free app available for download too.


Kideo Player

fun websites for kids

Kideo Player is YouTube website for kids. It is also probably has the most kid friendly way to view videos. It’s similar to a playlist of selected videos which the kids can go through with a press of the spacebar. The most popular ones are those which have the least spacebar skips. You can press “˜F’ for full screen view of the videos. The idea is to keep things super simple for the youngest among your kids.


(no longer offered)

fun websites for kids

Kid Mango was a popular online destination for children’s videos – from preschool up to the age of 12. The site is run by GenMouse Inc. who host a bunch of kid-safe websites. Unfortunately, the videos are not available for my country (India). The KidMango Library has popular shows from some of the world’s best producers of animation and live action. It showcases over two thousand videos covering everything from Einstein to aliens and vampires to Leonardo da Vinci.

Kids Tube

fun websites for kids aims to join the lineup of child-friendly and family friendly video sites. Here, kids can also upload their own videos and socially network with other members. Children can also start their own micro-blogs. The arrangement of videos is like most video portals. The unique thing is that Kids Tube also runs a lot of contests around user uploaded videos. For instance, weekly contests around a theme. It’s a great outlet for perking up your child’s imagination.

Kidz Bop

interactive educational websites for kids

Kidz Bop is a carefully moderated, child-friendly website for kids where they can make and upload their own webshows and videos, play games and get creative with music and art. On the free children’s website, you can create a series of episodes into your own webshow. If not a complete webshow, you can upload short videos. Your uploaded videos can also be turned into a contest for others to vote and enjoy.

National Geographic

10 Video Websites for Kids That Are Safe and Fun Children Video Site06

National Geographic has a whole channel website dedicated to kids. From funny animal videos to videos that take you to wondrous places, the videos are excellent for education and fun. The free children’s website comes with the quality that’s the hallmark of National Geographic.

Discovery Kids – Beyond

interactive educational websites for kids

Just like National Geographic’s offering for kids, Discovery Channel also has one of its own. A mix of education and fun, the lineup of videos is a reflection of what Discovery Kids shows on TV. The clips are kept short enough for attention spans of the little ones.


interactive educational websites for kids

ZuiTube is brought to you by the guys who developed KidZui, the free browser for kids. ZuiTube is a children’s website filled to the brim with videos that are approved by parents and teachers. Most of the videos are sourced from YouTube. It also advertises itself as the largest online collection of children’s videos.


10 Video Websites for Kids That Are Safe and Fun Children Video Site09

Covering fun activities like videos, games, and music, Kidyos is worth a look if you have a child who is between 1 and 6 years of age. The site screens its collection from YouTube but also provides a few language options like German, French, Spanish, and Hebrew apart from English.

PBS Kids

websites for kids

PBS Kids is the online children’s website of the Public Broadcasting Service (U.S). What you get are lots of little videos on the characters from the shows that the channel broadcasts. You can Clifford the Big Red Dog, Dot’s Story Factory, Sesame Street, Curious George, and other shows on the children’s website.

Dedicated children’s video websites are not overflowing on the web unlike their adult counterparts. YouTube of course, hosts a lot of videos but YouTube is a soup of all kinds of videos, most of which might be inappropriate for young eyes. Drop a comment if you have a video website for children that you would like the kiddie world to know about.

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