10 Urban Myths Of Gaming

Does the third dungeon map in The Legend Of Zelda seem familiar to you? It kind of looks like a swastika. But is it? Have you even heard of any of these 10 urban gaming myths? Did you believe them?

via Liberty Games

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Amrit K

anything about Morrowind Mod jvk1166z.esp ?



Hm, in the case of Minecraft, it does of course help the rumours that the update notes regularly make references such as “Removed Herobrine”.


Tom E

What about FF7, where you can (*spoilers?*) bring back Aeris / Aerith. Lots of convoluted instructions, extra dialog in the ROM, etc. Good times!


Bikas V

That’s not even a Swastika of Hindus. Direction is reversed. Nazi took Hindu symbol and just rotated it.


Dann A

The point about the Madden curse is interesting; I think that’s said to be true of a number of video games. I heard it explained once using something like the law of averages; the only way you get to be on a Madden, MLB, or NHL cover is by having a great season or two in a row. It’s hard to have a lot of amazing seasons in a row, so if you’ve been spotlighted as playing really well recently, there’s at least a decent chance that you’ll get hurt or have a poor season soon.

Obviously, there’s no mathematical principle behind this, but it makes intuitive sense.

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