10 Tips To Help You Look Good During Your Next Video Conference

Video conferencing is a great way to catch up with loved ones, but that’s not all it’s used for. If you’re applying for a job several states (or even countries) away, you might be asked to attend several rounds of interviews via video conferencing. During that time, you’d definitely want to look your best. Here are 10 tips from Mixergy on how to impress your fellow attendees or interviewer and enhance the overall video conferencing experience.

Do you have some tips of your own? Share them with us in the comments.

webcam tips   10 Tips To Help You Look Good During Your Next Video Conference

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Thanks for these useful tips.. I’ll take care of those things from now on :)


bross one no hurry in life katsina state mani l…g taballawa

On W

great reminders, especially about the background lightings.


Tips for retards!


Exactly my thoughts!

Andrew Warner

That’s a little harsh.


Position the webcam so that you are looking levelly into it when you are looking at your computer screen. Raise your laptop with books or reams of paper, or if you have a free-standing or clip-on webcam, center it and adjust the angle so it’s “just right.” Do you really want the other people on the line to see the top of your head or up your nose?

Fik of Borg

Actually, your’s is the only real tip, judging from the amount of people that leave the cam on the desk looking up. I even mounted mine on a flexible tube so I can position it in front of the screen, right below the other person’s video even if it covers part of mi screen.
I also installed two small fluorescent bulbs behind my wall mounted monitor, so I am neither in the dark nor blinded by a my-face-facing lamp.

Andrew Warner

I wish I added that. It’s a good point. The monitor really should be elevated. Otherwise you look like you’re staring down at people.

Fik of Borg

Really MUO, I expected better non-obvious tips. Reminded me of a computer I bought in the 90’s, which manual said “position the monitor facing you, i.e. with the glass side in front of you”


My own webcam is one I bought from Tmart (no, not Kmart — Tmart) and has 4 LEDs around the lense, with a manually adjustable focus. It works great and I can place it anywhere and not look like a dunce while using it.


I am interested what style is the image with the steps called? How do you do it?


Thanks for this useful info

Jorge D

Good tips… also use proper clothes.


I expected some beauty Tips.. :O