10 Tech Gifts Anyone Will Love

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nexus7   10 Tech Gifts Anyone Will LoveGiving the gift of tech is a great idea this holiday season, but it can be tricky. Most people aren’t geeks, unfortunately, and they may not appreciate the latest computer hardware, high-tech phones or cutting-edge software. It’s best to stick with something that’s impressive, yet also intuitive.

That limits your options, but it doesn’t mean there are none. There’s a number of nifty tech gifts that are suitable for almost anyone. Let’s take a look at ten of them ranging in price from as little as $20 to as much as $2,000.

Gift Ideas Under $50

Kinivo ZX100 Portable Speaker

kinivo   10 Tech Gifts Anyone Will Love

The Kinivo ZX100 is the perfect inexpensive portable speaker. It’s capable of filling a single room, such as a bedroom or office, with enjoyable sound. It also includes an internal battery that can power the speaker for up to six hours. You simply won’t find better sound for less.

Motorola HX550 Bluetooth Headset

motorolaheadset   10 Tech Gifts Anyone Will Love

A Bluetooth headset is a great practical tech gift and the Motorola HX550 is one of the best affordable sets on the market. It offers good call quality, a versatile design that can accommodate different ears and offers up to 9 hours of talk time. Anyone with a Bluetooth capable phone can appreciate this gift.

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Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip

sandisksansa   10 Tech Gifts Anyone Will Love

If you know someone who wants to listen to music on the go, yet refuses to buy a smartphone, the Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip is a great idea. This small music player is available in a 4GB or 8GB capacity and includes a small LCD screen, making it superior to the screenless iPod Shuffle. The Sansa won’t sync with iTunes by default, however – the user will have to drag-and-drop.

Gift Ideas Under $200

Google Nexus 7

nexus7large   10 Tech Gifts Anyone Will Love

A tablet is a good gift idea for anyone who doesn’t have one. It’s even better for the average joe than a geek because it’s best what the average joe does most – browse the web. There’s a lot of inexpensive tablets available but the best among them is the Nexus 7. This tablet benefits from a low price tag, powerful hardware and the latest installation of Android.

Roku 2

roku2size   10 Tech Gifts Anyone Will Love

If you know someone who enjoys streaming video but can’t yet use it on their TV, buy them a Roku 2 XD. This awesome device can play video from Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon prime (as well as numerous other channels) and supports full 1080p output. It’s also incredibly intuitive. Setting it up takes about 5 minutes and the interface feels instantly familiar.

Gift Ideas Under $500

Dell Ultrasharp U2212HM

dellultrasharp   10 Tech Gifts Anyone Will Love

This 21.5” monitor is one of the best monitor values around. It offers excellent display quality, 1080p resolution and wide viewing angles. Better still, it comes with a stand that offers height/tilt/pivot/swivel options, making it ergonomically superior to a fixed-stand display. You’d normally have to pay $50-$100 to add such versatility to a standard monitor. Dell also offers the larger (but still affordable) U2313HM and U2412M.

Any Game Console

xbox360   10 Tech Gifts Anyone Will Love

Game consoles are being sold in excellent bundles this holiday season. The existence of motion controls on all major platforms and the broad range of games for each makes a console a gift that most people can enjoy. Also remember that the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U can serve as media centers that might replace several other devices in the recipient’s home theater.


ipad3displaythumb   10 Tech Gifts Anyone Will Love

Yea, I know. How mundane. The iPad has been on gift lists for years now. Do you know why? Because it’s good. It might be more controversial or interesting to recommend the new Nexus 10 or a Windows 8 tablet but, in my opinion, neither can compete. The iPad is easy to use, powerful and versatile. Anyone can appreciate its strengths. Please note that I am recommending the iPad, not the iPad Mini.

Gift Ideas For An Unlimited Budget

Dell XPS 12

dellxps12   10 Tech Gifts Anyone Will Love

The XPS 12 is a new Windows 8 convertible laptop. It uses a unique design which lets the display flip inside the frame of the display, quickly converting it from an ultrabook into a tablet. The display itself is stunning as well – full 1080p, IPS and super-bright. At $1,200 this laptop is pricey, but it’s the most versatile laptop currently available and is competitively priced with other laptops that have similar features but lack its unique convertible design.

Panasonic TC-PVT50 Plasma HDTV

panasonictv   10 Tech Gifts Anyone Will Love

If you want to buy a big gift for a special someone it’s hard to go wrong with a new HDTV. Most people with access to electronics still spend the majority of their free time planted in front of a television and a high-quality like the TC-PVT50 can provide an incredible experience. Buyers who don’t want to spend $2,000 (but still want to spend a lot) should check out less expensive Panasonic plasma HDTVs like the TC-PST50 and the and TC-U50. They have fewer features but still look great.

What tech gift do you want for Christmas?

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Michael Jan Moratalla

google nexus 7

Muz RC

It will be a great gift if someone give it to me XD

Javier Vega

I bought mine a couple of weeks ago and i’ve used it every day! my smartphone isn’t really something spectacular, so the addition of this tablet, small for a tablet, yet full of specs and cheap for what it offers was an amazing buy, if it was a gift and i didn’t buy it i know i would love it, as i do today, great tablet for the price.


The back came off my Nexus 7 because its poor build quailty so i cant recommend this tablet as a gift (unless you dont like the person lol). I bought a iPad mini and wow the build quality is simply the best plus its a more secure os than Andrioid and the apps are better on the ipad not badly scaled phone apps i had to put up with on the Nexus


Austen Gause

that laptop looks amazing

Jack Cola

Yeah, the XPS12 is nice. I have one, awesome screen, built to quality. It’s a laptop with the added bonus of being a tablet that run Windows Applications. Finally I found the perfect device, unlike the iPad or Android tablets.


Mihovil Pletikos

xps 12 looks nice :)


Shubharup Ganguly

I’d love the portable speaker, Sandisk MP3 player and either the Nexus 7 or the iPad. However, I’m 100% sure that I’m not getting anything close to either of the items I mentioned.




Muz RC

Haha same as me, nexus when i can get you on my hand… :)


Mac Witty

A Drobo with a lot of disks and blue lights for Christmas animation ;)


ion popa

Google Nexus 7. I should have bought on Black Friday, but I spent my money on books and an awesome watch.



“The Sansa won’t sync with iTunes by default, however – the user will have to drag-and-drop”

Yet another bonus!!!

Dave Parrack

Exactly what I was going to say. No one likes iTunes, do they? I’d rather drag and drop any day.


Agreed! As a Linux user, the requirement of using iTunes (or trying to hack your way around it) is the single biggest reason I stopped using iOS devices and using Android. I hate iTunes with a passion! I have used Sansa devices in the past, and they are good, especially the Rockbox compatible ones :D



Awesomeness is the Google Nexus 7 or 10


Márcio Guerra

I’ll go for the cheapest Kinivo portable speaker… Let’s see… I know Nexus is a very good (specs relative) tablet, but I’ve ordered a cheaper one, not so great in terms of display, but quadcore (lets see later if it really matches those 9000+ in AnTuTu) and only want a proper sound device to carry around…
I wouldn’t mind receiving any of those, however, if money was not an issue, perhaps a good screen (maybe last one), Nexus the portable speaker… Feeling much “fullfilled” right now, and don’t like Windows 8, at least yet.



Christopher Miliotti

id love a google nexus 7! Great list of items. I want over half


Roehl Curioso

Laptop and iPad don’t mind having them!! Pretty nice!!


Bogdan Chirita

I would go with the Nexus 7


Lisa Santika Onggrid

Ha. Now the problem is to find someone to buy me one of those. No, we don’t do gift exchange in Christmas because I’m not a Christian.


Paolo Maffezzoli

Interesting product the Kinivo ZX100 Portable Speaker. thanks for share these info.


FĂ©lix S. De JesĂşs

I Recommend the Roku, but the most expensive, that is probably, $99. Really Good!!

Matt Smith

I bought the $99 one as well. It’s still my favorite media player although I can also grab streaming through my PC, PS3 and Wii U.



How about a Raspbery PI computer http://www.raspberrypi.org for the geek in the family it can make a good media player as well.

Matt Smith

It would be cool but only if you set it up to do something specific. Otherwise it’s too complex.



Google Nexus is enough for me ;-)


Ronald Serafine

“TC-PVT50″ is the INCORRECT model number of this TV. I just bought one: It is a TC-P55VT50.

Matt Smith

I used “TC-PVT50″ as generic because it comes in multiple sizes i.e. TC-P55VT50 and TC-P65VT50


Ayan Panja

Beautiful gadget I am loving it……


druv vb

The 50″ Plasma-tastic HDTV!!!


Rob Nadin

Roku looks awesome, basically a jailbroken ATV2 but without the iTunes integration


Seishun Kyosoukyoku

google nexus 7


Vishal Mishra

ZX – 100 portable speaker — great for gift , thanks for the idea.


yarasa GR67

google Nexus7



Without question I would like to have Dell XPS 12

Jack Cola

I have one, I have to admit, good device. I prefer it over an iPad, even though it costs a lot more.


Qin Tang

Wow, sounds good.


Douglas Mutay

i like the Kinivo ZX100 Portable Speaker. I will offer it to myself for this xmas ;-)


Nicola De Ieso

I don’t think that I could buy neither of that


André Kamara

I just bought a Sansa Fuze+ on Ebay, It was $20 under the average price of the Sanza Clip Zip on Amazon. It doesn’t have a LCD screen (on the other hand, does it make a difference on a 2 inches screen?) , but I think the touch pad is a good idea. Can’t wait to test it !


Kamran Hassan

A new FHD plasma TV. Now that’s a gift anyone can appreciate! I would also like to include the Kindle Paperwhite or the Nook ST Glowlight as great gift ideas.

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