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Want to have identical browser settings on every one of your PCs ? How about keeping documents on your office and home PCs synchronized? For these and several other ways to sync your data read further. Enjoy!

1. Google Browser Sync – Sync Browser Bookmarks, History, Settings, etc. between diff. PCs

    Google Browser Sync - Synchronize Bookmarks, browsing history, settings across multiple browsers

    Google Browser Sync is a Firefox extension from Google that can auto synchronize your browser bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, and saved passwords – across multiple computers. It even lets you restore open browser tabs and windows across different machines so you can always pickup from where you left. It’s completely automated, all you need to do is to install it on all computers that you use on a regular basis.

2. SyncToy – Synchronize Files Between PC and USB Thumbdrive

3. [NO LONGER WORKS] DocSyncer – Sync ‘My Documents’ Office Files with Google Docs

    SyncToy - Synchronize Files Between PC and USB Thumbdrive

    Are you a Google Docs user? If yes, then make sure to give DocSyncer a try. This web/desktop application allows you to automatically synchronize Microsft Office files in ‘My Documents’ folder with your Google Docs account.

    Why would you want to use it?

    Not only it does it enable you to edit your Office docs (on all of your PCs) through Google Docs, but it also lets you keep documents that are stored on multiple PCs (work, home etc.) always synchornized with the latest version.

4. [NO LONGER WORKS] FolderShare – Synchronize Files Across Multiple Computers and Mobile Devices.

    FolderShare - Synchronize files between multile PCs and mobile devices

    Another free utility from Microsoft. This one lets you synchronize different folders between multiple computers. There are also remote access and file sharing features. Windows only.

5. IM History – Sync chat conversations from multiple IM clients to Web

    IM-History is a pretty cool desktop application that stores and syncs IM conversations from multiple instant messengers in one place. Whether you’re on Skype, MSN, AIM, ICQ, at work or at home, you can have all chat conversations securely stored online. Access and search them anytime from anywhere. Read more.

6. [NO LONGER WORKS] Nutsie – Sync your iTunes Music Library to Web and Access it from Mobile

    Sync your Musci Library to Web and Access it from Mobile / PC

    Nutsie brings your iTunes library to your mobile phone. It creates an identical online version of your iTunes library and makes it accessible from your mobile phone or some other computer. The only problem with it is that it may take upto 2 days to generate your library.

7. ShiftD – Sync Notes, Links and Places between Multiple Devices

    Sync Notes, Links and Places between Multiple Devices

    ShifD is a newly launched service from NY Times. It’s a one of a kind service that can be used to synchronize stuff like notes, web links and addresses (map locations) between multiple devices (mobile, Blackberry, PC, Mac etc.). For instance, if you post a note from one of the devices it will appear on all other synced devices as well. It can be used from the website, desktop client or mobile phone.

8. Mobical – Backup Mobile Contacts, Address Book, Calendar, Bookmarks and Settings

9. OggSync -Sync Windows Mobile Phone and Outlook with Google Calendar

    Sync Windows Mobile Phone with Outlook and Google Calendar

    Oggsync is a two-way sync between Outlook (or Microsoft Exchange) and Google Calendar(s). That is to say, you can view Google Calendar entries in Outlook and vice versa. For a two-way sync between Gcal and default calendar on your mobile phone see GCalSync.

10. Mozy – Backup Files to Web

    Unlike anything above, Mozy is backup tool. It’s a simple, quick, and highly automated program that lets you securely backup important files online. Install it, specify which files you want it to backup, and let it do the work. No need to worry about keeping backup files up-to-date, Mozy keeps them synchronized. See demo video here.

As always, in case we missed any good sync tool please let us know in comments.

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