10+ Sites To Add Amazing Effects To Your Photos

bean   10+ Sites To Add Amazing Effects To Your PhotosTrying to make your photos more interesting? Thinking about learning Photoshop to add some creative effects to images? How about achieving similar results by nothing more than point and click?

Check out the following sites to add funny, interesting and artistic effects to your photos:


photofunia   10+ Sites To Add Amazing Effects To Your Photos

This is one of those websites that will really make you think that you really don’t need Photoshop for photo effects. Photofunia has over 100 effects to choose from with new ones being added constantly. There are effects that work with face recognition, that is they will search for “the face” in your photo and put it appropriately as required by the effect. Other effects use the complete photo.

Dumpr and FunPhotoBox

effects   10+ Sites To Add Amazing Effects To Your Photos

Dumpr is another website that lets you choose the effect, upload your photo and get instant results. Dumpr was mentioned previously on MakeUseOf. FunPhotoBox is also similar in concept. Together, all three sites give you plenty of effects and options to choose from and get the perfect effect you were looking for, according to your photo.

Mosaics and Collages

photovisi   10+ Sites To Add Amazing Effects To Your Photos

If you would like to create a photo mosaic or collage, check out pixisnap and photovisi. Photovisi is excellent for collages where as pixisnap can be used for creating photomosaics as well as collages. Also check out these cool photomosaic software.


tiltshiftmaker   10+ Sites To Add Amazing Effects To Your Photos

TiltShiftMaker allows you to transform your real life photo scenes into miniature models. Just upload the photo, choose the area to focus on and presto you have your effect.

Looks great on photos of city scenes, mountains where the whole aspect of the scene has been captured in the image as opposed to a single object.


A photo effect, editing and photo enhancing web application that allows you to create montages, convert images from one format to another, create rounded corners, add 3d effects, create photo puzzles and much more.

Genopal – pic2graphics

pic2graphics1   10+ Sites To Add Amazing Effects To Your Photos

It is said that color represents the mood of the photo. Pic2graphics allows to take colors(and thus the mood) of a photo and apply it to some other photo.


befunky   10+ Sites To Add Amazing Effects To Your Photos

BeFunky lets you give various artistic effects to your photos. Just choose an effect, upload the photo, tweak some settings and you have an instant professional sketch or cartoon or an ink drawing!

Picascii and Photo2Text

picascii   10+ Sites To Add Amazing Effects To Your Photos

Simple and fun, upload an image and convert it into asciiart.

Do you know of or use some other site to apply interesting effects to your photos? Lets hear them in the comments!

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Cool list. I like funphotobox.com I didn’t know about this site before. Really cool. Thank you.

Danh ba web 2.0

I like Photofunia vey much. Thanks for great list
You can see more my blog: http://tr.im/hUFX

Windows Guy

Nice list brother. My favorite is Photofunia.


It was a very good idea to write this article. All of sites are good. My favorite is FunPhotoBox. I like their quality and creative ideas. The Billboard Wanted with Angelina Jolie is just amazing. :-)


Nice list. Only Tiltshiftmaker is new for me :)
By the way, it seems you forgot about loonapix.com and faceinhole.com. Very interesting and useful image editing websites.


impressive list really. thanks


Nice list. Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to check out these sites and see how I can use them.


And what about picnik.
Probably the best

Thanks for the list


Cool list, thank your. :)


I also posted about this earlier….


Really neat effects! Thanks for this nice presentation.


If you want to add smooth rounded corners and borders, iphone-like glossiness, and other simple but really good-looking effects, check out ViewGenie Resize


cool!!!!!!!!!! collection


Tat was simply wonderful! :)


u r simply wonderful


Thank you very much – your list of sites is amazing. We can amuse for hours. Another site like this is http://en.picjoke.com – they make a new effect every day!


amazing it really helped a lot


Nice sites, you can get the full list here:



hello friends!!!!
these are good sites
if any one knows other sites then send them in my ID…


hi i was just wondering if any one knew of any photo editors where i can blend and merge picture add magic effect that i can download i used to have one but forgotten the name please help thnxxxx


try http://www.magnigraph.com
i’m hooked :)


Nice list! Don’t forget MaskIt!. It’s a cool Facebook app to insert your (or others’) face into pictures. Since it uses face recognition, it’s very easy. You can also create your own effect from any picture!

Muhammad Hasnain Khan

I mostly like the two sites one is photofunia and second is funphotobox, great job bro keep it up……!

Video Converter

I Collected some best video converter.

Ali Qayyum

i collected 5 more tools for adding effects on pictures

5 Free online Make Funny Picture, add photo Frame, Face Effect without Photoshop


very cool yar


hmm.this is cooool


awesome . .nice collection . ..


thanks very nice collection