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Being a freelancer is hard. You’ve got to constantly be on your A-Game – delivering a high quality of work for your clients – whilst simultaneously handling a morass of complicated tasks that are needed for managing your business. Everything from client discovery, to ensuring you’re tax compliant, to getting paid is a chore.

Let’s look at the last one. Billing. If you’re anything like me, you spend hours each month creating new invoices from scratch. You don’t bother with a template, just out of sheer laziness, or simply not having found one that meets your needs. Thanksfully, Vertex42 has a stunning array of invoice templates that both look great, and will get you paid.

Here are 10 of the best.

Invoice with Hours and Rate

Looking to make a great impression with your clients? This template makes it easy to invoice billable hours, and looks the part. It also comes with room for your own branding, making this spreadsheet ideal for consultants and contractors.


Blank Invoice Template

There are a wealth of solutions for small business invoicing Meet Invoiceable: A Free Invoicing Solution For Small Businesses Meet Invoiceable: A Free Invoicing Solution For Small Businesses It doesn't get cheaper than free. There are some excellent free invoicing tools out there that your small business can benefit from. Invoiceable is one of them. Read More . They are many, and they are good. But if you want something simpler, have a look at this spreadsheet. This blank invoice form is beautifully minimalist. It comes without much room for branding or any other bells and whistles, and looks just as great printed in monochome as it does in color. However, if you’re looking for a basic invoice for billing customers and providing receipts, this is the one for you.


And once you’ve generated your receipts, why not keep track of them with an app like Azigio Don't Unsubscribe! Keep Track Of Newsletters, Receipts & More With The Beautiful Azigo Don't Unsubscribe! Keep Track Of Newsletters, Receipts & More With The Beautiful Azigo Here’s a task for you. Go to your inbox right now, and count how many newsletters and promotional emails you've received in the past week. How many did you get? 10? 50? 150? How many... Read More ?


Pro Forma Invoice Template

A Pro Forma invoice is used to define the cost of goods and services, prior to delivery. They differ slightly in format to standard invoices, as they indicate a planned transaction, rather than a purchase that has conclusively taken place. This spreadsheet from Vertex42 comes with room for your own branding, as well as every detail about a transaction you could possibly hope to record. And it looks great too.


Sales Invoice Template

The Sales Invoice Template is simple, clean and professional, and was designed with the small business owner in mind. It also understands that you might not want to calculate tax and shipping every time you invoice a client, so it does the calculations for you. Great, right?


Consultant Invoice

Not every invoice is made equal. An invoice that works for a bricks-and-mortar shop might not work for a design professional 7 Practices Pro Designers Are Using To Improve Their Business 7 Practices Pro Designers Are Using To Improve Their Business Running a business is very taxing, but it doesn't need to be that way. Read More or an IT consultant. Thankfully, this consultant invoice both looks the part, and contains every field you might need when invoicing your clients. It even has separate sections for hourly charges, and other additional fees.


Billing Invoice Template

Sometimes, it’s good to keep things simple. This billing invoice template doesn’t come with any bells and whistles. There’s no room for branding, and its design is a printer-friendly blend of white, black and grey. But, it comes with every field you could possibly need for billing a client.


Basic Invoice Template

The Basic Invoice Template keeps it . . . well, basic. If you’re looking for a template that works great across all versions of Excel, looks amazing when printed out, has all the essential fields, but don’t need any complex calculations being done or any branding, this one’s for you.


Invoice Tracker

As anyone who freelances probably knows, invoicing clients is only half of the battle. The rest is spent making furious phone calls and sending emails, making sure they actually pay on time. This template from Vertex42 makes this a bit easier, by showing you who is paying on time, and who isn’t.


Invoice Assistant

Taking the Invoice Tracker to the next level is the Invoice Assistant. Not only does this show you a list of all invoices, but also allows you to get an overview of your customers, and comes with everything you could ever need to manage your financial relationship with each one. All from within Excel. This extra functionality comes with a price though, and can be yours for only $9.99.


Service Invoice Template

The Service Invoice Template is one of many templates designed with consultants and freelancers in mind. If you’re offering a service, but not worrying about parts, shipping and selling physical products, then you might want to take a look at this template. It can fit on a single sheet of A4, and looks great when printed out on paper.


Get Invoicing

Vertex42 has everything a freelancer could ever need for invoicing clients, and making sure you get paid. How do you like to invoice your clients? Got any tips or tricks to share?

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