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twitter gamesWhat’s with Twitter? Just how far can you take 140 characters? To the extent of just a few words everyone thought as they started tweeting about the cereal they had for breakfast and the local traffic jams. Since those irrelevant musings, the little blue Twitter birdie has grown large wings and flown sky high.

Today, you can just about do anything with Twitter. Ask the tweeps, they know it all.  I won’t bother mentioning even some of them here, because I wouldn’t know just where to start and finish. I will let you traipse through all our Twitter posts and discover it for yourself.

You can easily lose yourself amidst the myriad of applications and fall asleep on the mouse. So, it’s here I will wake you up with a list of Twitter games that will push you into the adrenalin pumping breast thumping combative groove.

Okay, your adrenalin won’t shoot up by that much, but Twitter games are a hell of a way to have some fun and waste time if you spend a lot of it on Twitter.


twitter games

A fine use of Twitter which helps us learn a new word each day and replace the colorful adjectives we normally use at traffic snarls. Follow @artwiculate on Twitter and use the word they broadcast in one of your tweets. The more “˜likes’ or retweets each reply gets, pushes it up the popularity charts on Artwiculate. The prize: An enriched vocabulary which we can use to sound more intelligent than we actually are.


games to play on twitter has a lineup of seven games based on Twitter. You can join and play anytime once one game is over and another begins. For instance, in Tweet Hangman you have to guess a secret word or phrase by replying with letters. Tweet Quiz is about guessing all the multiple answers that may exist for the quiz asked. Each correct guess that matches the majority earns a point. But my favorite was Crack the Code, where I could go on a clue hunt. It seems to be in R.I.P mode right now.

Chess Tweets

games to play on twitter

The idea to play chess with a remote opponent is nothing new. Chess Tweets just takes the idea onto Twitter. You don’t need to register separately. You can play against one or against the entire community by moving the set pieces and sending chess moves via your Twitter account. Depending on the responses, this game can be slow at times.

Tweet Test

games to play on twitter

Find out if you know your followers or your friends as well as you think with the range of Twitter games that test your Tweeting I.Q. There’s a sliding puzzle game too.

Bet Your Followers

If you hated losing the last game to your friends, bet them away in this one. As this Twitter game says, everyone has followers to spare. There’s the other side too: you will get new followers (and friends) if you win the game. Check out the game to really see how it works. Don’t worry, your lost followers can easily re-follow you (if their egos don’t get bruised), because they come to know that they are being “˜gambled away’.


Solve user created puzzles via Twitter or create your own. The fun is in the off the cuff bizarre answers that get generated. The site could do with a boost as the responses seem to be flagging off. If you have a sense of humor play this Twitter game which is short and funny.


If you have to brawl, do it on Tweefight. But make sure your Tweerank is right up there because the game calculates that when it pits you against your arch enemy. Even Sherlock Holmes would lose out to Moriarty if the latter tweeted more. You can enter a fight by just giving your and the opponents username.

Tweet Bricks

This Twitter game is the equivalent of the classic game of Bricks, except that the bricks come from Tweets. Stack up your Tweets as they fall down with the arrow keys. You can choose to play with your own Tweets, with other users, friends or followers, with your mentions, or with all Tweets posted with a Hash tag.


ChumpDump is a Twitter game you can play on your iPhone or Android set. The free app is actually a Twitter friend management tool but it weeds out the ones bloating your stream in a fun and engaging way. Every day in ChumpDump the lottery chooses a friend at random from your twitter friends list, the ones who are boring the life out of you. The app gives an insight of the chosen “˜friend’ and you get to decide whether to save them or dump them. Check out the details on the points systems and the rewards.

Die Fail Whale

twitter games

This is a game which is actually not based on the Twitter API but it is a bit about the little Tweetie bird. And it is addictive. On this Flash based game you have to shoot as many fail whales as you can in 25 seconds. Why? Because that big whale is the irksome thing you see when Twitter goes down. So, reload, shoot, and compare how you are doing against the rest of the Twitter crowd (but in the real world, do respect this gentle creature of the deep).

After playing some of these Twitter games, one can say that 140 characters can really be stretched. In the days ahead, it will be further stretched by others that are in the offing, including MMOPRG ones. The thing to be careful about is that your Twitter account can easily become a source of spam when you aren’t playing a Twitter game.

But which are the games are you playing? Do let us know about your favorite Twitter game or send in a Tweet.

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