10 Cool Extensions for Google Chrome

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TNFor a lot of us Google Chrome is still not hot enough. The reason? It’s still not extendable enough like Firefox. Ever since it came out, users have cried out for ways to tweak the browser to make it the Jack of all trades.

The easiest way of course is through add-ons as Firefox calls them or extensions as Google Chrome calls them. Chrome has a lot going for it despite the vacuum of extensions.

But Google had promised support for Google Chrome extensions and it is beginning to keep it. The official support for extensions has been announced and though it’s still not fully on in the standard version, one gets it with the developer version of Google Chrome.

A few posts back we saw how to download and install Google Chrome extensions in the developer version. Do go through that post again and come back here. In this post we will check out some of the coolest extensions to download and use with Google Chrome.

The population may be small but the seeds of popularity are being sown with these baby steps.

  1. Google Chrome Backup

    If the first thing you savor is peace of mind then the Google Chrome Backup is a must install. This is a small tool to create, backup, restore and manage Google Chrome profiles that holds all your bookmarks, history, saved passwords etc. This is not an extension in the strictest sense as it does not run within the browser but as a separate install. Nevertheless, it’s an important tool to have.

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    Google chrome extensions

    The 1.1MB download works with Google Chrome version onwards and requires .NET framework.

  2. AdSweep

    A simple ad blocker extension that modifies the CSS rules on a webpage to hide the advertisements. The small javascript code recognizes ads (especially banner ads) based on specific patterns and blocks them. The extension may not work on all webpages because some ads may escape the recognition patterns used by AdSweep.

    Adsweep - chrome extension

    The 32KB AdSweep userscript works with Google Chrome developer version 4+.


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  4. Session Saver

    Something I really like because it harks back to the Save sessions and Manage sessions feature of Opera. It’s useful if you have to switch off and need to come back to the same tabs at some point later. This extension can save  multiple sessions each with its own name. You can also save all saved sessions as bookmarks.

    Session-Saver extension for google chrome

    The 107KB Session Saver extension is compatible with Google Chrome developer version 4+.

  5. TPGoogleReader

    This is a Google Reader extension for Chrome. The extension makes reading and managing feeds a one click job. It installs as two little icons on the toolstrip and shows the number of unread feeds. In the normal mode, clicking on the items counter opens the first unread item and marks it as read. In the auto-mode, one click on the checkbox opens the unread items in background tabs and marks them as read.


    The 9.7KB TPGoogleReader extension is compatible with Google Chrome developer version 4+.

  6. Web of Trust

    WOT is a free browser add-on that protects the user from online scams and risky websites. A pop-up opens from the bottom of the screen and indicates not only the trustworthiness of a website but also how things stand with a site’s vendor reliability, child safety and privacy. You can also contribute your own ratings and select the ratings you want to get alerts on.


    The WOT extension is a 523KB download compatible with Google Chrome developer version 4+.

  7. Smoothscroll

    This extension simply adds the smooth scrolling behavior to Google Chrome. Smooth scrolling auto-scrolls the browser at a constant speed. Click the middle mouse button/scroll wheel and drag the mouse down to set the scroll speed.

    The Smoothscroll extension is a 3KB download compatible with Google Chrome developer version 4+.

  8. Bubble Translate
  9. This Google Chrome extension enables you to do inline translations of a webpage into any language supported by Google Translate with a single click. You can set all language choices from its settings.


    The Bubble Translate extension is a 34KB download compatible with Google Chrome developer version 4+.

  10. Cleeki

    This extension is basically a feature rich search accelerator for Google Chrome. Highlight any keyword on a webpage and a little adjoining icon gives you access to a lot of internet choices from Wikipedia to YouTube to get more information. The information opens up in a little inline window, so you don’t need to browse away. Search can also be done on multiple sites at the same time.


    The Cleeki extension is a 56KB download compatible with Google Chrome developer version 4+.

  11. LastPass

  12. LastPass is an online form filler and password manager which got some high marks from us in a previous post. For error free performance, switch off Chrome’s inbuilt password manager (Wrench Icon ““ Options ““ Personal Stuff) and Form Autofill under the same tab.


    The LastPass extension is a 315KB download compatible with Google Chrome developer version 4+.

  13. Greasemetal

  14. Familiar with Greasemonkey userscripts for Firefox? Those little pieces of code that help you customize your Firefox browser. Greasemetal is the Chrome incarnation of those handy javascripts which let you modify its behavior. It’s a good extension to have because a lot of userscripts continue o be developed and are made available from sites like Userscripts.org.

    Greasemetal comes as a 1.2MB installer download for Google Chrome.

These ten extensions represent just a few of the many that are out there and slowly burgeoning with each iteration of the Chrome browser. Hopefully, it won’t be long before Chrome would give the Firefox add-ons gallery a run for its download. For us users, this is a war where we will get all the spoils.

True, ten is a very small number. Which is your extension you would have liked to have seen on the list?


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Jack Stanley

How about aniweather:


My Link is Educated

Thanks Makeuseof, I like laspass so much and I don’t think it can be used with Chrome.


Yes, it does work. I’m using it right now. Installed it this morning. After downloading and installing the lastpass program, you also need to install the lastpass chrome extension from http://tinyurl.com/ygpzr89. Lastpass will only work with the Developer version of Chrome.


Thomas Jespersen

Thanks for this article. I decided to give Chrome a chance since it seems my primary Firefox extension are available in some for now on Chrome.

I should note that Web-of-Trust is available from this page:


I accidentally found this link in their blog. Its not available on their download page yet.



Why would you install Google Chrome Backup to manually backup bookmarks and passwords when xmarks can do it automatically via a real extension?


Agreed. XMarks should be on their radar as an extension.



seek an extension, which position, the favorites on the left(?)



OK, I created a folder with the favorites and moved to the left
the problem of the favorites is that I do not like how it expands
was no better, expanding downward?



AD sweep doesn’t works for me..Any help appreciated


Do you have the latest build of the developer version? Try installing and running it again.


Yes I Downloaded it today only.


Thanks all 4 ur comments. I am switching in for AD block + as of now. If u find any workaround, please add a comment.



Easy.. Flashblock and no-script. I don’t mind ads, but I hate things blinking and dancing around on me.

So those are the two extensions that the lack of is stopping me from using chrome on a regular basis.. Till they’re availiable (or something equivalent), I’m stuck with the shared processness of firefox..



I am a HUGE Chrome fan and have been using certain user scripts for the last few months (Better Gmail scripts from Lifehacker) and I’m all for extensions, too.

My concern, though, is that with more and more development, will come more and more bloat. Firefox seems downright sluggish compared to Chrome and I don’t want Chrome to suffer the same fate.

For me, I’m always going to keep the “extras” to a minimum. Less is More in this case.


One good thing so far with the extensions is that they are quite tiny in comparison to FF add-ons. Don’t know what will happen later though. Bloat is inevitable.


Ben l Awesome Wallpapers

Great list! I am sticking to Firefox though:)


Rahul – Web Guru

Just the right post to extend my Google Chrome.



Mouse gestures!



I am using adsweep also in chrome 3.
it works.



Nice list…Here is another one http://bit.ly/Uzr0F



Thanks for this article. I think I will give Chrome a chance also. RE: Vishnu- Have you been able to solve your problem with AD Sweep? I really like the idea of that feature so I hope it works for me. Like shle896 said, I think it is best to keep the extras to a minimum until Chrome becomes more advanced- only use the extensions that you will really benefit from for right now.



google chrome backup is the best extension.Nice list



A bookmarklet (Google Chrome compatible) for adding html signature in Gmail: projets.geekfg.net/?/1-how+to+insert+html+signature+in+gmail.htm


Thanks for the link.



I like Chrome and use it for everything, however, I can’t be without Zotero which is now only available as a Firefox extension. Not 100% sure I like the way Chrome manages downloads.



Nice List.

Check our extension @ http://bit.ly/79kw1J
You can use it to clip text, URLs and take snapshots.



I love google chrome backup. Thanks for sharing 10 applications.



Really Great Extensions. The best of all these applications is google chrome backup.



I love Chrome, but it frustrates me because there always seems to be a website here or there that won’t run properly with Chrome. Last week it was YouTube. I eventually remedied that problem by updating Adobe Flash. And then there’s Rhapsody.com. Chrome will not open the popup window for the music player. In fact, it doesn’t even notify me that a popup is trying to open.

As a result of all this, I find myself periodically switching back to Firefox (which is still a great browser). So I’m still waiting for Chrome to become the one and only browser I need for all things Internet

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