10 Great Online Gaming Webcomics!

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There was a time when we still went to the store if we wanted a good comic, losing ourselves between the shelves. Of course, though the shelf-losing is still optional, we have the opportunity to lose ourselves anywhere we want with one of the great online gaming webcomics.

There are tons of webcomics to be found, ranging from the hilarious brutely stick figures, to short graphic novels, written by Neil Gaiman.

Gaming webcomics, however, a thing that seems pretty obvious for the everyday nerd, are much scarcer.

Of course, we have a few top comics that most people know of, but they’re not sheer in number. Far from it.

In a quest, we ventured the world wide web, looking for the best gaming webcomics available. We’ve compiled a list that should be worth your while.

The 10 comics below are ordered in semi-randomness, it’s not a ranged listing. Most of them are worth a look anyway.

Dueling Analogs

A well known, well drawn, and already long-running webcomic by the hand of Steve Napierski. It does a great job of ridiculing most video gaming topics, be it games or consoles.

The comic airs semi-weekly, a sure bookmark if you want a quick laugh.

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dueling analogs -online gaming comics

Penny Arcade

Most comics center gamers Tycho Brahe and John Gabriel. Two guys who seem the couch-friends stereotypes. Occasionally though, Penny Arcade takes a hit at other gaming topics, such as the Army of Two satire we see below.

Penny Arcade launches several new comics a week, about two or three, on a not-always-so-regular basis.

gaming webcomics

Digital Unrest

This comic often takes independent hits on video game topics, sometimes with a political aftertaste, but also features a few returning characters – Charles, Carter and Dr. Scopes – with which it strikes on other fronts.

There’s a new comic at least every Monday, more if possible.

gaming comics online


A comic you might’ve seen featured on Joystick several times.

The comic is mostly focused around the in-comic depictions of creators Tim and Ray, who tackle gaming matters with a critical, otherwise absurd kind of humour.

Tim and Ray provide a new comic each Wednesday, and a new podcast each Monday.


Nerf NOW!!

A webcomic that has – lately – busied itself solely with comics concerning Valve’s Team Fortress 2. Most comics are either three-paneled comparisons, or ‘evolutions’.

An interesting comic, though probably only to those familiar with the game in question.

Nerf NOW!! tries to throw a new comic in the bin each Tuesday and Friday.

Nerf NOW!!

Another Videogame Webcomic

This webcomic satires videogames by using the Animated Actor trope, where actions ‘in between scenes’ are shown, and ridiculed.

A new comic is launched every week.

Another Videogame Webcomic


An awesome gaming comic, with a very interesting arsenal. The comics range from blunt pun – like the one below – to some pretty witty subjects.

The comics originally aired weekly on Monday, but the comic appears to be discontinued, as the last comic dates back to November last year.



Even people living under rocks should know Ctrl+Alt+Del, one of the overall most popular webcomics, recently even with an animated series adaptation.

The story revolves around ICT, and video games specifically. It mainly shows us the gaming-drenched lives and experiences of Ethan, Lucas, Lilah and Zeke.

A new comic should be released three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Ctrl+Alt+Del webcomic

VG Cats

VG Cats, a satiric animal reflection on video games, is also one of the more popular webcomics. The Aeris and Leo characters, which you can see in the comic below, reappear frequently, starring in most comics.

He usually updates his comics on Mondays, or bi-monthly, although there he’s taken a break right now.

VG Cats


The comic centers around the employees of a fictional video game magazine. Though featuring frequent ‘regular puns’, the comic also engages some more serious matters from time to time.

The comic publishes weekly, not always on a regular schedule.


Do you think we’ve missed any? Want to share your opinion on those stated above? Which are your favourites? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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Comments (33)
  • Zombie

    …You people are idiots. Stop whining, stop complaining, you sound retarded when you talk trash over the internet. Everyone knows you are simply jealous of the successful, in all ways, webcomics listed. Stop being loser virgins, and stop thinking your loudmouthed, unintelligent opinions actually mean anything. To ANYONE. At all.

  • Nameless Friend

    You could have at least MENTIONED Brawl in the Family, after all, it IS the webcomic from where you took the first pic of your article.

    Other then that, I’m glad to see Nerf NOW!! in your list, it’s a very good WC, that is if you know a bit about TF2.

  • John Hammond

    I don’t think it was fair of you to use artwork from Brawl in the Family and not put it on the list. You didn’t even credit Matt anywhere for that drawing. It just isn’t right.

  • zoop

    I think Brawl in the Family should have made the list. If his art is good enough to include in your header, why not add him to the list?

  • PZT

    You include a picture of BitF yet don’t include it in the article? More importantly, you included Dueling Analogs, VGCats and CAD? Shiny pretty art doesn’t equal being funny. Nor does popularity. You also definitely need to work on your journalistic ethics, because not only was this article misleading, you also didn’t credit Matthew Taranto with the art you stole from his comic. You should have at least had the decency to list him. Do you think it’s peachy-keen to rip off things from other people without even so much as mentioning them?

    • Simon Slangen

      BitF was originally supposed to be included in the list. The fact that I wanted to put his artwork at the top (instead of those “shiny pretty art”), means I’ve got great respect for him. Again, they were supposed to be included, and at no moment did I have the intention to steal from him.

      That aside, your critique about DA, VGC and CAD is unjust and unfair. Not because you don’t like them – which is in your good right – but because you read a list and expect it to match your favourites one by one.

    • Enraged Rodent

      How dare you steal from BitF. I demand that you delete every other webcomic, and replace them with BitF.

    • Simon Slangen

      Lol, good try ;-)

      You’re a little late by the way. Through popular request (I presume…), all pics concerning BitF were taken down.

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Affiliate Disclamer

This review may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.

For more details, please read our disclosure.