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terminator-2-sunglasses.jpgIn one of my previous posts, I outlined some Google services 10 Google Services That Get No Love 10 Google Services That Get No Love Read More that I felt were not getting enough loving. But then again, flipping the coin, there are some Google services that are so downright useless / defective/ crazy that you start to wonder what the folks at the Googleplex were smoking when they thought up the idea.

Here’s some Google services that need to be instantly terminated! Or at the very least given a seriously major overhaul. Google services you can’t Make Use Of.

1. Google Desktop

Everyone seems to love this feature and at one point I did too. But I uninstalled it three times because it was slowing my computer down to the point where it was being over-taken by a 56K modem! I couldn’t delete or rename files because Google Desktop had those files locked in some kind of “Desktop Indexer.exe” process. In short, Desktop forces you to slow down to its arthritic pace and everything else on your computer grinds to a halt as a result.

But what has really earned Desktop a place on my hit-list is that it forcibly installed itself on my PC yesterday when I downloaded a update to a DIVX audio codec. When I tried to uninstall it, it crashed my computer. Do we really need a Google product that forces its way onto our PC’s?

2. Google Bookmarks


The most useless and ill-thought-through feature on the Google toolbar. With all the competition from and StumbleUpon, you’d think Google would make more of an effort to spruce up their alternative. But what is there? A bookmarklet and some yellow stars. Wow-wee.

3. Web Accelerator

Let’s be completely honest – does this make any difference to your internet speed at all? Or is it just another piece of useless junk cluttering up your PC?

4. Web Comments

Totally unusable and unreadable. Enough said.

5. Google Browser Sync

Gained the distinction of making it onto Mozilla’s “problematic extensions” page with a recommendation it be uninstalled. Has the ability to slow Firefox down considerably.

6. Orkut

Last time I checked Orkut, it was as dead as Britney Spears’ come-back prospects. Does anyone actually use Orkut anymore? In the face of competition from places like Facebook, Orkut needs to be seriously overhauled or scrapped.

7. Web history

For a start, the privacy violation prospects are completely horrendous if this web history information fell into the wrong hands. Why do we need to know what we searched for 6 months ago? And why do we need to know that we accessed Gmail 35 times in one day? What possible use is this information to anyone – except to Google?

If we are going to make information like this available, why don’t we just hand over all our personal information now and save everyone some time?

8. Google Image Labeller

This is completely ridiculous. If someone has a photo of a dog with the name “dog.jpg”, how are you supposed to re-label that? And is it courteous of other people to take it upon themselves to re-label someone else’s images? Google describes this service as “fun”. I’d have more fun photocopying my butt.

9. Google Base

Memo to Google – rename this service “Google Spam” – contains the biggest load of useless information ever assembled on the internet. A viagra dealer’s dream.

10. Google Checkout

Once touted as the “Paypal Killer”, Checkout is now rife with user complaints that it is slow, confusing, payments are delayed, payments are even cancelled……plus you can’t use it for web subscriptions, only tangible goods. Where’s the logic in that?

Google should concentrate on what it’s good at – search. Leave online payments to those that are good at that. Concentrate on your niche.

Are there any more Google products that should be given the “Hasta La Vista” treatment? Tell us in the comments.

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