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ipad youtube spoofsI’m not embarrassed to say that I’m a self-avowed Apple fangirl. I own a MacBook, an iPod and an iPhone. That said, the humorous parodies and spoofs that flood onto YouTube whenever Apple unveils a new product, can be hilarious. The iPad was of course no exception. In fact, it seems that the iPad has spurned more comedy than any other Apple product. That is, until the iPhone 4 antenna debacle.

This is a list of the funniest iPad YouTube video spoofs, witty commentaries and we’ve even added in a remake of a famous pop song to boot. It is, however, in no way an attempt to instigate an Apple/PC war of which the Internet has seen far too many. From making fun of the iPad’s name to the Apple promo itself, amateur and professional comedians alike have left no stone unturned.

The iPad is a Comedy Gold Mine

The best place to start is with College Humor’s iPad spoof that tells you just why there are so many iPad spoofs out there, and how the iPad is going to “change the way we make fun of Apple.” [NSFW]

Banned iPad Promo

No list of iPad spoof videos would be complete without the spoof iPad promo. These guys are genius. Their reasons for buying the iPad range from saving the Amazon rain forest to seeing everything bigger including the web, email, pictures, and the 3G symbol. [NSFW]


What Would Hitler Do?

It may be somewhat politically incorrect, but how do you think Hitler would react to the iPad? Here’s one possibility, using scenes from a German Film Downfall and subtitled by Hitler Downfall Parody.


What happens when you combine the iPad, Twilight and the Chinese language? Apparently hilarity ensues. Watch as Edward struggles over a choice between Bella and the iPad.

The iPad Keynote in less than 180 Seconds

If you were too busy to catch the iPad Keynote speech you could always watch this iPad YouTube spoof which sums it all up so that you get the general idea in just 180 seconds.

Charlie Brooker on the iPad

Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe makes fun of pretty much everything on our TV screens, so of course the iPad couldn’t escape his witty and sarcastic sense of humour. It’s not exactly a parody, but his take on it is hilarious nonetheless. [NSFW]

Doritos Tablet

Doritos Canada took it to another level when they used Apple’s iPad promo ad as the inspiration for a parody ad all about Doritos Spice 2.0.

Grandma’s iPad Commercial

This spoof was actually created for a college assignment, and takes a look at all of the iPad’s features, along with a few features that Apple seems to have left out.

Apple iPad Notepad

Apple’s choice of name was a breeding ground for jokes of every kind that you could possibly imagine. One of the safer jokes about the name comes courtesy of The Peter Serafinowicz Show.

The Fringemunks: The iPad Song

Weird Al Yankovic would be proud. The Fringemunks parody Michael Jackson’s song Bad, and of course the lyrics are their take on everything they don’t like about the iPad.

What are your favourite iPad YouTube spoof videos? Let us know in the comments.

Image Credit: Robert Donovan

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