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where can I download free mp3sThis week, Sound Sunday is back to its old self with a good mix of artists and musical styles. It’s time to make some space on your hard drive and re-load your MP3 player. Here comes the sound for a busy week!

Be sure to share anything you like with your friends through Twitter and Facebook. It’s an easy way to thank the artists for their hard work. And whenever you get around to it, visit a show and buy a CD.

RTB2 – The Both of It

Genre: folk rock, rock n roll, soul

where can I download free mp3s RTB2, the band that is said to perform raucous live shows, has now thrown their 2007 album The Both of It onto the free downloads market. The record sold a mere 500 copies. I’m sure that can be topped by twice the amount in downloads.

This free album download is provided free of input by Bandcamp.

RTB2 MySpace and Facebook.

Whale Belly – …The Smile at the End of the Slope

Genre: folk, blues, rock

where can I download free mp3s The band who claims to be influenced by Dr. Seuss and Marty McFly (Back to the Future) has just released their debut album …The Smile at the End of the Slope. The physical copy will be for sale in the beginning of August. Until then, the mp3 or wav download and artwork will have to do.

You can download …The Smile at the End of the Slope from Whale Belly’s Homepage.

Whale Belly MySpace and Homepage.

saddet – Groceries Remixes

Genre: ambient, electronica, techno, acoustic

where can I download free mp3s The entire remix album is based on a single song: Groceries. The song was a global hit. Interested in finding out what others would make of the material, saddet asked artists from around the world to remix his song. The result is a diversified collection of remixes in which none sounds like the other.

You can download the album in exchange for your eMail address from Bandcamp.

saddet Twitter and Homepage.

Carmen Costa – Stories Of Iron and Pride

Genre: alternative, rock, americana, psychedelic

where can I download free mp3s Carmen Costa is an independent rock band from Mexico. Their lead singer sounds nothing like the Brazilian singer of the past century, who must have inspired the band’s name. Their sophomore album Stories Of Iron and Pride is an extremely satisfying listen for fans of alternative rock.

Stories Of Iron and Pride is a free and no strings attached download provided by Bandcamp.

Carmen Costa MySpace and Homepage.

Boy in the Bubble – The King

Genre: indie, alternative, acoustic

where can I download free mp3s We have often heard that the King was back, but in this case The King is here! And while it isn’t Rock’n’Roll, Boy in the Bubble are an entirely non-sterile experience. The King is an album of mood swings, telling its story one song at a time.

The King and its Extras are available from Boy In The Bubble’s Homepage, no questions asked.

Boy in the Bubble MySpace and Homepage.

Glass Delirium – Thanks To A Monster’s Many Heads

Genre: experimental, progressive, rock, hard rock

where can I download free mp3s Comparing one band to another is never quite fair. When I listened to Glass Delirium, however, I was instantly reminded of Nightwish. And I must say, I like them a lot more. Cassi’s voice isn’t an irritation, it’s a pleasure.

Thanks To A Monster’s Many Heads is available from Glass Delirium’s Homepage. Every song is a single, but direct download.

Glass Delirium MySpace and Homepage.

Sunbeam Rd – Rutles, Magnet, Animals EP

Genre: indie, rock, post punk, psychedelic

where can I download free mp3s Sunbeam Rd. may seek what Neil Young, Madonna, and Sun Ra have sought before them: a unique sound that will impress and influence millions. With their five track EP they are on the best way. At least they sound rather like themselves and close to inspiration.

The Turtles, Magnets, Animals EP is available free and direct from Bandcamp.

Sunbeam Rd. MySpace and Facebook.

Ben Rector – Say Hey There Sampler

Genre: alternative, pop

where can I download free mp3s For as long as Ben can keep the singer / songwriter thing going, I’m sure he’ll find people who will listen. And eventually he might have something more entertaining to put on his MySpace Biography, than a video of him dancing in a cow costume. I’m looking forward to it.

You can download the free Say Hey There Sampler from NoiseTrade. An eMail address is required.

Ben Rector MySpace and Homepage.

Sean Wright – Up The Creek

Genre: rock, acoustic, pop

where can I download free mp3s Sean Wright is productivity on legs. He has been releasing an album at the end of each month since April 2007. That’s 39 albums plus seven more from the previous year. And if you look around on his homepage, you will find several free compilation albums as well as 40+ albums from his “Lo-Fi Years” 1990 to 2005. None of his music expresses madness, it’s all good.

Up The Creek is a free download available from Sean’s Homepage.

Sean Wright MySpace and Homepage.

My Son The Bum – Are We There Yet?

Genre: rock

where can I download free mp3s The homepage logo exclaims no cut & paste rock was to be found here and the Black Velvet Magazine review hits the nail on the head: “entertaining, infectious, never dull, what more can you ask for?” Great rock music, four albums full of it plus bonus material and all free.

Download Are We There Yet? and all other albums from My Son The Bum’s Homepage.

My Son The Bum MySpace and Homepage.

Past editions of Sound Sunday are available here. To have your free download mentioned in an upcoming article, shoot me an eMail (tina at makeuseof dot com). Please use the comments to make requests or share your feedback Any input is much appreciated!

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