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Happy Easter Sound Sunday!

Today I would like to say something about ‘name your price’ downloads on Bandcamp. Apparently, the name gives the impression that these albums are not free. Well, they are since you can decide to pay zero! And zero equals free in my book.

While I do encourage that you donate for music you enjoy, I want you to know that I will never try to lure you into paying for any of the music featured in Sound Sunday. However, it does happen that albums hosted on Bandcamp surpass the number of free downloads (200) and go from free to pay. I don’t have any control over this and neither do the artists. So, to avoid frustration, make sure you check into the latest edition each Sunday and download your favorites right away.

As always you are very welcome to post your feedback in the comments or shoot me an Email [tina at makeuseof dot com]. Also don’t forget to make your opinion count in the ongoing Sound Sunday Survey.

East Island City – East Island City

Genre: pop, rock, punk


East Island City is a pop/rock band from Dublin, Ireland. Their selftitled debut EP was recorded at Manor Park recording studios by Neal Calderwood and released in summer last year. Great music, but too little press material out there!

East Island City is a free download from Bandcamp.

I Heart Noise – Boston Not LA

Genre: indie, ambient, pop, rock, post rock

I have previously featured a compilation from I Heart Noise on Sound Sunday 10 Free MP3 Albums & An Exclusive Song To Download [Sound Sunday] 10 Free MP3 Albums & An Exclusive Song To Download [Sound Sunday] Read More . The above compilation features a collection of artists from in and around Boston. Per its Facebook profile I Heart Noise is an online encyclopedia of independent rock bands and labels.

Boston Not LA is a free download from Bandcamp.

The Running – Running For Your Live

Genre: alternative, blues, grunge, reggae, rock

From their MySpace Bio: The Running’s funky mix of rock, reggae, and blues has been pleasing fans and moving bodies from New York City to Nashville to the Virgin Islands since their inception in 2006. (…) The name itself, The Running, refers to their attitude toward musical conformity. “It’s idiotic to conform to current standards because they are constantly changing,” says Andy, the drummer. Instead, The Running values musical freedom, choosing to carve out their own niche in the industry by focusing on what feels right to them. “We don’t write songs for hooks,” says Mike, on vocals and guitar. “We write songs about the situations that we’re dealing with in our lives at that moment in a way that people can identify with. It’s also a healing process for ourselves.”

Running For Your Live is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Proof and Proving – Humility In The First Person

Genre: americana, folk, punk, hardcore

Proof and Proving is the solo project of Brian Dougherty, who also plays the guitar for the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based band Giving Chase. If you enjoy the above album, note that you can also download the 2008 selftitled and instrumental debut album of Proof and Proving from Bandcamp.

Humility In The First Person is a name your price download from Bandcamp.


Genre: experimental, beats, hip hop

From their Bandcamp profile: “The Stones Throw Message Board compilations are a series of beats by some of Stones Throw Underground’s finest producers. These artists bring music to a whole new level with their talent and creativity. Although they make it sound easy, they work hard at what they do and deserve your full attention. with that being said: headphones up, speakers on, kick back, spark a few, and enjoy the ride….

Compilation Vol. 1 is a free download from Bandcamp.

Robot Science – Good Luck

Genre: indie, experimental, electronic, chiptunes, dance

From the MySpace Bio: “Robot Science is relatively unknown and hails from California. He incorporates a lot of interesting sounds into his music but don’t worry, it’s nothing that will aggravate you. Rather the music is extremely melodic in a twisted sense, because the tempo’s throughout each piece remain rather upbeat with all the tweets and effects. Watch out for Robot Science throughout 2010.

Good Luck is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Apple & Stone – Affirmative Dismay

Genre: ambient, electronica

Apple & Stone is the ambient / electronic project of Robert and Jura from the Slovak Republic. Originally founded in 1994, they made their first studio recordings in DAT format and on cassette. Affirmative Dismay is only their second album, released earlier this month.

Affirmative Dismay is a free preview and download from the Apple & Stone Homepage.

Mara Hruby – From Her Eyes

Genre: acoustic, soul, jazz, rhythm and blues

From her Bandcamp page: “This album introduces a new twenty-two year old artist named Mara Hruby from Oakland, CA. She arrived on the scene at the start of 2010, playing shows throughout the Bay Area, and is releasing her debut EP, From Her Eyes. Mara has worked on this album for the past nine months; she has applied her multi-talented dedication to recording, arranging, and engineering her own work. She has performed on stage, dancing and backing other artists in the Bay Area; unconsciously preparing herself for this path. She has chosen to speak through music in order to connect with those of us who love music.

From Her Eyes is a free download from LIMELINX.

Beau & Regan – Ready or Not

Genre: alternative, acoustic

Beau & Regan Walsh are siblings from Minneapolis, Minnesota. As it says on their Twitter profile, they are “just making some music.” You can easily replace ‘some’ with ‘beautiful’.

Ready or Not is a free download from NoiseTrade.

Matt Moberg – Bravery Songs

Genre: acoustic, folk

From Matt’s Facebook Biography:”I love music. I love the power of something so simplistic that somehow finds a way to completely sweep you off your feet. Music is a rare breed in this way. It is infinitely evolving and yet consistently intimate. The beauty of music is that no matter how good a song may be, the best is always yet to come. I love that. As you listen to my songs and the art that I’ve worked hard to piece together for you, know that I do not take your time for granted. Your willingness to sit in these lyrics and decide whether or not you like the taste is incredible and I thank you with my whole being for that.

Bravery Songs is a free download from NoiseTrade.

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Feel free to get in touch with me [tina at makeuseof dot com] to share free material, suggestions, and feedback or simply add your comments below.

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