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Welcome to Sound Sunday. Get a drink, get comfy, and relax as a world of music unfolds in front of you. This edition is packed with excellence and I hope you will leave with a week worth of new music.

Before you head in, let me remind you that all music downloads featured on Sound Sunday are legal and free; unless the free offer has expired or Bandcamp numbers were surpassed. Nevertheless, you are encouraged to donate whatever you can afford for music you appreciate. Making music is hard work!

If you have any suggestions or feedback for future editions, please leave a comment or feel free to send me an email (tina at makeuseof dot com).

Field Days – Projector

Genre: folk, indie, alternative


Projector is the debut album of Patrick Damphier, aka Field Days and the bassist for The Mynabirds. Patrick recorded the album in the basement of his parents on a 4-track reel-to-reel machine he previously acquired from a former staff writer of Loretta Lynn.

Projector is available for free until March 1st only. Get it now! Preview three tracks on Bandcamp above and download the entire 11 track album until March 1st on New York Groove.

You can order a limited edition of the CD or Vinyl with 100% handmade packaging via this website. The handmade album packaging process is also demonstrated on YouTube. Amazing effort!

Field Days MySpace and Facebook.

Zachary Gray РMontr̩al I/II

Genre: ambient, electronic, idm, experimental, melancholic

From Bandcamp: “Zachary Gray’s latest ‘ Montréal I/II’ is dear to our hearts. We’re fascinated by this album and by Gray’s rapid understanding of our city. Living in Montreal only since July 2010, the album is ‘ the product of a tryst between dissolution and frustration ‘, he says on his website. Much like the city it takes its name after, Montréal I/II is an eclectic mixture of influences; often polarized between the warm & festive tones of summer to the deeper and more solitary moments of winter.

You can download Montréal I/II for free from Camomille (.zip archive) and SoundCloud (one mp3 song at a time).

Zachary Gray MySpace and Homepage.

Sounds of ASTEROTH – The Inventors

Genre: pop, glitter rock

If you can trust the Facebook profile of LA glitter rockers Sounds of ASTEROTH, this is a band from outer space. “Alien musicians with one common goal, to rock the planet Earth.” And as they state on their Bandcamp page, the above record is “made completely from glitter, construction paper, paste, sugar, and magic dust.” The music, however, sounds a lot more profound than that!

The Inventors is a free download from Bandcamp.

Sounds of ASTEROTH MySpace and Facebook.

Casa Castile – Vake

Genre: experimental, pop, psychedelic

free mp3 Vake is the debut album of Casa Castile. The Nashville, Tennessee based band consists of Andrew Nabuco, three micorphones, and a bedroom full of toys. The live band, however, counts six more members. And if the reviews are any indication, recent live performances must have been awesome.

Listen to the song Time Machine below to get a taste of the album.

Time Machine by Casa Castile

Download the entire EP Vake from Mediafire.

Casa Castile MySpace and Facebook.

Thunderstorms – Self Titled

Genre: instrumental, indie, emo, pop, punk, post rock

Thunderstorms is the project of Ben Adler, a very talented artist from Canada’s capital Ottawa, Ontario. Self Titled is the second album, produced and written entirely by himself. Both Thunderstorms albums consist of powerful instrumental compositions with a focus on bass and guitar.

Self Titled is a free download from Bandcamp. Also check out Thunderstorm’s previous free album The Last Level.

Thunderstorms SoundCloud and Facebook.

Al-Fatir – Robots and Skylines

Genre: hip hop, rap, rhythm & blues

free mp3 Danbury, Connecticut artist Al-Fatir lives for his music. On his Bio he is quoted “Hip-Hop is where the heart is you know, without it only God knows where I’d be but when im looking for that inspiration nothing does it for like R&B.” He has been making hip hop since 1985.

Download Robots and Skylines from Al-Fatir’s Homepage.

Al-Fatir MySpace and Homepage.

Astronautalis – The Toil Of A Wrecked Man

Genre: experimental, indie, hip hop

free mp3 Astronautalis aka Charles Andrew Bothwell recorded a four track Daytrotter session on February 22nd. A rough voice introduces us to the session with the words “I hope you are all well-fed, wealthy, and wise.” And then Astronautalis washes his mesmerizing vocals over us. You would never guess that the man was born in the 1980s.

Preview and download The Toil Of A Wrecked Man on and from Daytrotter.

Astronautalis Wikipedia and Homepage.

The Consulate General – Remixes Volume Three

Genre: indie, pop

From his Facebook profile: “The Consulate General is the new solo project from Alexander Chen of Boy in Static, formed from a set of songs written and recorded after relocating to Gothenburg, Sweden.” The Taiwanese-American multi-instrumentalist often performs live on viola. His first recordings were released in 2004 by Markus Acher of the Notwist.

You can preview and download Remixes Volume Three on and from Circle Into Square. Remixes Volume One and Remixes Volume Two are also available for free.

The Consulate General MySpace and Facebook.

Tyler James – It Took The Fire

Genre: classic rock, indie, pop, soul

It Took The Fire is the debut album of Nashville, Tennessee musician Tyler James. His Bio states: “I’m part of a restless generation known more for its apathy than for its voice,” and “My songs are about the struggle to find my own truth.” With his heartfelt approach and raspy croon, James sounds like an old soul.

It Took The Fire is a free download from NoiseTrade.

Tyler James MySpace and Homepage.

Green River Ordinance – Out of My Hands

Genre: rock, pop

If this band sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone. Green River Ordinance has been around for over a decade and especially during the past two years they have made quite an impression: over 20 songs on TV shows, two Top 40 radio singles, music videos on MTV and VH1, and tours with bands like the Goo Goo Dolls, Train, Lifehouse, and many more. Needless the say that Out of My Hands is one great album.

Out of My Hands is a free download from NoiseTrade.

Green River Ordinance MySpace and Homepage.

Past editions of Sound Sunday are available here. Feel free to get in touch with me [tina at makeuseof dot com] to share free material, suggestions, and feedback or simply add your comments below.

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