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where can I download free mp3sIt was about time that something on Sound Sunday changed.

This week I am introducing long overdue streaming album previews via widgets. This means you no longer need to *gasp* leave MakeUseOf to listen to the music. Using the widgets, you can locally give every album a spin and open a new tab only when you really want to download it.

For now, sources that do not provide a widget will be presented in old school Sound Sunday fashion. However, we’re looking into more streaming options. Please let us know whether you’re actually using the stream to preview the music.

As always, submissions and feedback are most welcome! Feel free to leave a comment or eMail me [tina at makeuseof dot com] with suggestions, legal download links, or genre requests.

Yes, Mayhem – selftitled

Genre: alternative, experimental, rock


Dan is a bass player. He says that he asked a bunch of people to record an album with him, and they said yes. That’s the oversimplified tale behind Yes, Mayhem. Much more inspired than the backup story is the album itself. Great rock and great teamwork!

The album is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Yes, Mayhem Homepage.

Six By Seven – six.byseven:04

Genre: alternative, indie, post rock, rock

This album was originally self-released in 2004. Six By Seven had previously released three albums with the Mantra label. The band also appears to be a good omen for up and coming artists. Some of the most well known bands from the UK supported Six By Seven before becoming famous: Kasabian, Interpol, Kaiser Chiefs, The Editors, Snow Patrol, Travis, and Muse.

The album six.byseven:04 is a free download from Bandcamp.

Six By Seven MySpace and Homepage.

Peter Sobot – Story Of Flight

Genre: alternative, electronic, rock, metal

Peter Sobot is an 18 year old student of Software Engineering in Ontario, Canada. During his free time he enjoys to be creative and make music, among other things. Story Of Flight is his first solo album, which he wrote and recorded over a period of eight months.

This is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Peter Sobot Twitter and Homepage.

Max Vanremmerden – 5-Second Songs

Genre: alternative, indie, pop, acoustic

This is not a joke. All albums on this 12 piece album are merely 5 seconds long. Added up that’s a one minute album. Crazy Dutchmen. If this has stimulated your appetite, follow the link to Max’s homepage for some traditional full album downloads, for example Songs To Take Home.

5-Second Songs are a free download from Bandcamp.

Max Vanremmerden MySpace and Homepage.

LMNtlyst – Wolfgang Amadeus Gruvis

Genre: indie, funk, fusion, electronic, beats, dub, rock, hip hop

Jerry Gruvis from Milwaukee, Wisconsin is The LMNtlyst [Elementalist], a multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, and engineer. The name describes his habit of incorporating hundreds of elements into his songs. His songs are skillful compositions uniting a wild cross-over of musical styles and never sounding overloaded.

Download Wolfgang Amadeus Gruvis free from Bandcamp.

LMNtlyst MySpace and SoundCloud.

Levek – LVK demo

Genre: experimental, gospel, tropical, tribal

Levek is a school bus driver from Gainesville, Florida. These are his comments on his music: “After a long day of elementary schoolers putting gum on my lovely pleather bus seats I enjoy a good space jam while sorting through the Disney VHS collection.” That explains why one of the genres he selected is ‘Mickey Mouse tribal sounds’.

LVK demo is a free download from Bandcamp.

Levek MySpace and Homepage.

Cardiphonia – Hymns of Faith

Genre: folk, christian, hymns

With the Thanksgiving weekend almost behind us, there is no denial that we are more rapidly than slowly approaching Christmas. Time for some reflection. At least for the faithful among you.

‘Hymns of Faith – Songs for the Apostles Creed’ is a concept album for the church. It is based in a collection of hymns written on the 12 articles of the apostles creed by Samuel J. Stone in 1866.

Download the album for free from Bandcamp.

Cardiphonia Homepage.

Secret Knives – Affection

Genre: alternative, pop, shoegaze

Secret Knives is a band from Wellington, New Zealand and Affection is their debut album. The music is timeless. The Einstein Music Journal describes it as  “stark shoegazy guitars and princely pop rhythms to create a chimerical atmosphere”¦ this is a masterpiece, written and composed by one of the country’s best young songwriters.

Affection is a free download from Bandcamp.

Secret Knives MySpace and Homepage.

Mansions on the Moon – Paradise Falls

Genre: electronica, hip hop, remix

Lane Shaw and Ben Hazlegrove  of the Pnuma Trio have teamed up with singer/songwriter Ted Wendler to form Mansions on the Moon. Collaborating with different DJs and developing their sound at studios in Atlanta and Virginia Beach, they have recently released the remix album Paradise Falls.

Download the entire album from their Homepage.

Mansions on the Moon MySpace and Homepage.

Brainlove Records – Quietus Compilation

Genre: thrash, pop, idol, mixed

Quietus Compilation by brainlove

Brainlove Records is an independent organisation working to unearth and present exciting new music. The philosophy of the label is to support musicians exhibiting creativity, spirit, intelligence and imagination, regardless of genre, commercial potential, or technical ability. As such, Brainlove is a record label with artistic rather than commercial values at it’s core.” The Quietus Compilation will give you an overview of the artists that are with this record label.

You can download the sampler one song at a time from SoundCloud.

Brainlove Records MySpace and Homepage.

Browse past editions of Sound Sunday here. Feel free to get in touch with me [tina at makeuseof dot com] to share free material or suggestions and feedback you don’t want to post in the comments below.

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