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where can I download free mp3sSound Sunday features free album releases of talented artists from around the world. Not only can you fill up your mp3 player each and every week with free and legal music, you can also broaden your musical horizon. Music shapes the brain.

If you are new to Sound Sunday, you may want to look into past editions for all previous free album downloads. If you are an artist, feel free to share your free music download with me (tina at makeuseof dot com). Now let’s see what this week has in store for you.

Tangram – Flow

Genre: ambient, electronica, new wave, downtempo, minimal

where can I download free mp3s This is the third free Tangram album featured on MakeUseOf. I previously reported about Tepidarium and Micropolis. Tangram’s seventh album Flow explores the downtempo, minimalistic, and relaxing side of electronic music. The music flows forward.

Download the album from Bandcamp.

Tangram MySpace and Homepage.

Aievea – Cinema

Genre: electronic, pop, nu-jazz

where can I download free mp3s Aievea is a band from Romania. Their music is calm and soothing, which is amplified by the smooth and quiet voice of their lead singer Marta Hristea. Lyrically they switch between English, French, and (I suppose) Romanian.

The album is available from Bandcamp.

Aievea MySpace and Homepage.

Phantom Power – Chic In Egypt

Genre: indie, pop, lo-fi, chillwave

where can I download free mp3s Phantom Power apparently is a band with a scientific background as is suggested by the name and the about section on MySpace. Antisense pop and phophophobia is how Eric and Em describe their music.

Download the album free from Bandcamp. More free music is available from Phantom Power’s Homepage.

Phantom Power MySpace and Homepage.

Day of the Woman – DOTW

Genre: indie, instrumental, electronic beats, psychedelic

where can I download free mp3s The San Antonio, Texas based label Exponential Records has released the album DOTW by Day of the Woman. The album is a joint collaboration of producers Pollination (Nick Noeding), Stenographer (Dave Salinas), and Yppah (Joe Corrales), who started this project in 2007. They have named themselves after the 1978 movie Day of the Woman.

Download the album for free from Exponential Records or Bandcamp.

Day of the Woman MySpace and Homepage.

P.SO the Earth Tone King and 8thW1 – Suicide by Jellyfish

Genre: electronic, hip-hop, rap

where can I download free mp3s P.SO The Earth Tone King was formerly known as P.CASSO. For Suicide by Jellyfish he joined up with 8thW1, a fellow AOK Collective member. P.SO describes the album to be hip hop over indie rock with electro, remixes, and mashups at its core.

The album is hosted by Bandcamp.

P.SO the Earth Tone King MySpace. 8thW1 MySpace. Joined Homepage.

Beta State – Stars

Genre: alternative, rock, pop

where can I download free mp3s Earlier this month Beta State have released their debut album Stars. Judging by their MySpace page, the band from San Francisco, California has been around for at least 7 years. Before they could record their first album, however, they had to audition for a new lead singer.

Monologue Remixed is available exclusively through Live 105. A free song is available at Bandcamp.

Beta State MySpace and Facebook.

Talking to Turtles – Monologue Remixed

Genre: acoustic, rock, pop

where can I download free mp3s The German band Talking to Turtles released their debut album Monologue earlier this year. It has now been followed up by a free remixed version of the album.

The album is hosted by the netlabel ANALOGSOUL. Click on ANA019 TALKING TO TURTLES in the list of artists to load the free album download to the right.

Talking to Turtles MySpace and Homepage.

Longitude – The Last Anniversary

Genre: alternative, rock, emo

where can I download free mp3s Longitude is a four man band from Fredonia, New York. Their album The Last Anniversary is dominated by guitars and the singers’ raw voice. This is rock.

The Last Anniversary is a free download from Bandcamp.

Longitude MySpace and Tumblr.

Rob Roy – King Warrior Magician Lover

Genre: rap, punk, blues

where can I download free mp3s Rob Roy recently signed with Florida-based record label Dim Mac Records. While he is working on his second album, his debut album King Warrior Magician Lover is now available for free.

Download the 11 track album one song at a time from Rcrdlbl.

Rob Roy MySpace and Tumblr.

saddet – Fear Remixes | Volume One

Genre: ambient, electronica, techno, industrial, trance, cyberpop

where can I download free mp3s This album “includes saddet’s internationsl smash-hit Fear along with four remixes from the winners of the ‘Fear Remix Contest’.” His previous free album Groceries Remixes was featured in this Sound Sunday edition 10 Free MP3 Album Downloads – July 25'th Edition 10 Free MP3 Album Downloads – July 25'th Edition Read More .

Download Fear Remixes | Volume One from Bandcamp.

saddet Twitter and Homepage.

Which one is your favorite album this week? The comments are open for your feedback and suggestions.

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