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where can I download free mp3sDo you realize how important music is? Try to imagine anything without music: radio, TV, movies, your walk to school, the office, clubs, the supermarket, your bathroom. While you may sometimes wish the music was different, I’m sure you would rather exchange it for music you like than to abandon music all together.

I hope Sound Sunday has or will become an integral part of your life. Find music that’s on your wavelength and discover great artists you have never heard of before.  If this is your first time to Sound Sunday – welcome and also check out past editions.

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – The Social Network

Genre: electronic, instrumental, experimental

where can I download free mp3s Nine In Nails lead singer Trent Reznor has just released a free sampler of the upcoming movie soundtrack ‘The Social Network’. The album contains five songs. The full soundtrack will be released on September 28th and he movie opens in theaters on October 1st.

Download The Social Network soundtrack sampler for free from Trent Reznor’s record label website

Trent Reznor Twitter and Nine Inch Nails Homepage.

aof – Dea Ex Machina

Genre: progressive, jazz, reggae

where can I download free mp3s London based band aof is a group of 10+ musicians. Their latest album was mastered by the legendary Pink Floyd sound engineer Andy Jackson. If the name of the album sounds familiar, maybe that’s because you have heard of dea or deus ex machina before.

You can download the album from aof’s futuristic Homepage.

aof MySpace and Homepage.

Basil Amer – Sigh Of Relief

Genre: pop, rhythm and soul, techno

where can I download free mp3s This is possibly the youngest artists we have featured on Sound Sunday so far. Producer, songwriter, and singer Basil Amer is only 15 years old. If this album is any indication, I’m sure this is not the last we have heard of this artist from Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

Get the album from Basil Amer’s Homepage.

Basil Amer MySpace and Homepage.

Trainspotters – Dirty North

Genre: hip hop, rap, funk

where can I download free mp3s There are many bands that have adopted the name Trainspotters. This one is a young duo from Sweden. Rewind and George Kaplan have already had a dozen releases worldwide and played live shows in the US and Europe. Finally, they have released their debut album Dirty North.

Pull the album from i still love her.

Trainspotters MySpace and Homepage.

The MashMaticians – The MashoChist

Genre: electronic, mash up, experimental,

where can I download free mp3s “A MashoChist is someone who enjoys mash ups, or who derives pleasure from listening to them.” If the latter applies to you, you should lend an ear to the debut album of The MashMaticians.

This album is available from Bandcamp.

The MashMaticians MySpace and Facebook.

Big Gigantic – A Place Behind The Moon

Genre: electronica, instrumental

where can I download free mp3s Big Gigantic is a band from Colorado, consisting of Dominic Lalli (production, saxophone) and Jeremy Salken (drums).  You can see the two performing live in the US throughout September and October.

Download the album from Bib Gigantic’s Homepage. You will also find previous free releases on the same page.

Big Gigantic MySpace and Homepage.

misuccc – Impressions

Genre: electronica, funk, jazz, hip hop, trip hop, instrumental

where can I download free mp3s This “some guy in some city making some music” is Gert-Jan from Ghent in Belgium. Other than that the man remains as mysterious as his fascinating music.

Impressions is a free download from Bandcamp.

misuccc MySpace and Soundcloud.

Rad Omen – Search Party & Destroy

Genre: progressive, club, funk

where can I download free mp3s “Born out of the mouths of wolves and serpents. (…) Bearing no marking, no number, no names. Only one sign, the Rad Omen. For we are many, for we are many.”

Download Search Party & Destroy from the band’s Homepage.

Rad Omen MySpace and Homepage.

Hipster, please! – Visitations: A Musical Tribute to Doctor Who

Genre: nerd music, electro, mixed

where can I download free mp3s Hipster, please! is not a band, it’s a blog run by a guy called Z., who must enjoy punctuation tremendously. The blog is concerned with nerd music and has produced several compilations over the years. Visitations: A Musical Tribute to Doctor Who is the latest one.

Download this and other nerd music albums from the artist’s Homepage.

Hipster, please! MySpace and Homepage.

Matt Scott – One Foot Forward

Genre: indie, pop, folk, soul, blues, acoustic

where can I download free mp3s Matt Scott grew up in Birmingham, UK. Meanwhile he lives in Boston, Massachusetts and recently released his debut EP One Foot Forward. It was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at Red Couch Productions.

The album is hosted by NoiseTrade.

Matt Scott MySpace and Facebook.

Know of a  great free album? Share the link in the comments or get in touch with me (tina at makeuseof dot com). All feedback welcome!

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