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where i can download free mp3sWhy download single songs when you can have an entire album?

It’s been ages since I created mixtapes or playlists. I’ve been listening to entire albums for years. It’s how I most enjoy music. I can really get to know an artist or band and dive into their sound before I see them play live.

So if you’re already through last week’s selection 10 Free MP3 Downloads of Albums EPs and Samplers [Sound Sunday] 10 Free MP3 Downloads of Albums EPs and Samplers [Sound Sunday] Read More , it’s time to refresh your ears with something new. Here are 10 more free mp3 albums for you to enjoy. If you can, please donate and support the artists or their cause. Thank you!

Tangram – Tepidarium

Genres: ambient, electronica, new age, new wave, space music

  If you love lounge-type music to chill, look not further. Tangram from Hungary deliver! It’s the perfect music to relax and pass out on the couch.

You can download the album Tepidarium from their Bandcamp page. Name the price or share your email address for a free download. The download comes in many different formats and qualities.

Tangram MySpace and Homepage.


Floods – Album

Genres: indie, rock, instrumental

  Their website is almost painfully minimalistic, but the music speaks for itself. Great indie rock with strong guitars and no lyrics to disturb the sounds.

Get the album from their homepage by clicking on Album in the top right, then download one track at a time with no strings attached.

Floods MySpace and Homepage.

This Twilight City – Just Breathe

Genres: pop, rock, emo

  One of the 5 most downloaded tracks at PureVolume is Vegas In Lights, the title track of This Twilight City’s new album of the same name. By the time this article is published, the album will have been released and I will be in Vegas (two entirely unrelated events). Either way, you can download the previous album Just Breathe for free.

Download the album from PureVolume one track at a time, but with not strings attached. Visit their PureVolume page to download the song Vegas In Lights.

This Twilight City MySpace and Homepage.

Friends Or Whatever – Selftitled

Genres: indie, pop, rock, electronica

  Friends or Whatever is the band of Mark Herbkersman from Richmond, Virginia, USA. As the varied genres suggest, his music is a wild mix. Maybe that’s the reason why the band’s second album is a 17 track epic.

You can preview the tracks or download the selftitled album as FLAC, OGG, or MP3 with no strings attached from blocSonic. The debut album The Burns We Earn is also available for free at blocSonic.

Friends or Whatever blogSonic artist profile.

Arch Hill Recordings – 10th Anniversary Album

Genres: alternative, indie, alt-country, pop, folktronica

  New Zealand’s Arch Hill Recordings has released a 18 track sampler to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The album features artists The Clean, Surf City, Don McGlashan, Street Chant, David Kilgour, The Bats, Luke Buda, Pine, The Haints of Dean Hall, White Swan Black Swan, Jay Clarkson, Fang, Landy, Family Cactus, Grand Prix, Ghostplane, David Mulcahy, and Mestar. Lots of new sounds in there for sure!

Download the sampler from Bandcamp.

Arch Hill Recordings MySpace and Homepage.

Ghostpoet – The Sound Of Strangers

Genres: alternative, experimental, pop, rap

  As he states himself, music is his pacemaker, his conscience, and his compass. In June and July Ghostpoet is playing shows in London, UK and Lisbon, Portugal. If you have a chance, attend and watch him musically touching people.

Get the 4 track EP free and no strings attached from Bandcamp.

Ghostpoet MySpace.

The Ventura Project – TVP

Genres: pop, rock

  Described by Tom Robinson of BBC Radio as a transatlantic version of The Postal Service, The Ventura Project are indeed a UK US duo. Matthew Milligan from New York is better known as Wheatus’ bass player. Joey Slater hails from Gloucestershire. In March this year, they released their debut album TVP.

Download the album from their homepage. You can choose between a donation or sharing your eMail address.

The Ventura Project MySpace and Homepage.

Chalie Boy – The Grind Pays Off

Genres: rap, hip hop, soul

  In 2009 rapper Chalie Boy reached public fame with his single I Look Good. At the end of the year he released the street album I’m Here for free. You can now obtain a copy of his second street album The Grind Pays Off.

Download the album from his homepage, no strings attached.

Chalie Boy MySpace and Homepage.

Omar Rodriguez López Quartet – Sepulcros De Miel

Genres: alternative, instrumental

  This is not déjà-vu, no! Between the research for last week’s post and now, Omar Rodriguez López has released another free album, in collaboration with artists John Frusciante, Juan Alderete De La Peña, and Marcel Rodriguez López.

If you enjoyed last week’s album, go ahead and download the new one. It’s your choice of free or a donation to “Keep Music In Schools”. The source is Omar’s homepage.

Omar Rodriguez López MySpace and Homepage.

How To Destroy Angels – Selftitled

Genres: alternative, indie, electronics

  In 2009 Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor announced he felt it was time to make NIN disappear for a while. It wasn’t long until he started working on a new project. How To Destroy Angels is the new band of Trent Reznor, his wife Mariqueen Maandig, and Atticus Ross.

Their selftitled album How To Destroy Angels was released on June 1st. You can download it from the band’s homepage after sharing your email address.

How To Destroy Angels MySpace and Homepage.

Want your music to be heard? Share your links in the comment or get in touch with me (tina at makeuseof dot com).

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    If you're looking for free MP3 downloads, there's always

    Heavy Metal and such only