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where can I download free mp3sWhy do so many artists give away their albums for free? Some because they can afford it, others because they can not afford otherwise. It’s a way to promote the music, the name, the tour, and build a solid fan base that will purchase future releases.

It’s in your hands to make the efforts worthwhile. Don’t be a freeloader, but invest in music you enjoy. This week’s Sound Sunday includes albums from InAshton, Durgstore Fanatics, Jelly Antler, J The S, Jonny Rumble, Daniel Whittington, The Revere, Zar The Diplomat, and Shorelines End. If you enjoy any of these, watch out for future releases and in the meantime attend a live gig.

InAshton – InAshton: RED

Genres: alternative, rock

where can I download free mp3s InAshton’s debut album has been downloaded over 100,000 times. Now it’s your chance to keep the momentum going and help InAshton reach the next milestone and public fame. You can also see them live now before they break through. InAshton is playing a few shows in the US in June and July.

You can download InAshton: Red from their homepage.

InAshton MySpace and Homepage.

Drugstore Fanatics – What’s Born in the Basement

Genres: alternative, rock, industrial, ambient

where can I download free music Originally formed in Tel Aviv, Israel, Drugstore Fanatics now call Los Angeles, California, USA their home. This free album download is .rar compressed. Follow the links provided in the eMail containing the download URL or try 7-Zip to unpack the .rar archive. What’s Born in the Basement is well worth the effort!

You can download Drugstore Fanatics’ debut album from their homepage after providing your eMail address and country. For $5 you can upgrade to a higher quality mp3 download and five B-side tracks.

Durgstore Fanatics MySpace and Homepage.

Jelly Antler – 1

Genres: experimental, electronica, instrumental

download free mp3 The title of this debut album couldn’t be any more minimalistic. Yet the music is rich in experimental sounds, tied together to a futuristic mix, slightly reminding me of the first Myst soundtrack. My favorite piece is Besesame.

Grab the album from Bandcamp, all you need is an eMail address. More music is available on Jelly Antler’s SoundCloud page.

Jelly Antler MySpace and Blog.

J The S – Wish You Were Here

Genre: hip hop

how can I download free albums Jake The Snake has released Wish You Were Here as a precursor to his upcoming album The Last Days. The original material featuring many collaborations will prepare listeners for an album that “seeks to bridge the gap between raw rhyme skills and sharp writing, intelligence and wit, and even between musical styles.”

The free album download is provided by and comes with no strings attached.

J the S MySpace and Homepage.

Jonny Rumble – JR

Genres: indie, garage, power pop

how can I download music for free This band has a lively history and has gone through some rough times before releasing JR. By the sound of it Jonny Rumble must also be a fantastic live experience. If you’re from Chicago, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see them play a gig this summer.

The free download comes straight from Rock Proper, no further input required.

Jonny Rumble MySpace and Homepage.

Daniel Whittington – Things Change

Genres: rock, americana, independent

how can I download mp3 for free As time moves forward, things change. This very simple fact of life led to the end of Daniel Whittington’s band Rhodes, while he moved on to pursue work on solo projects. The result is this wonderful album, consequently titled Things Change. Daniel Whittington will play live gigs in Austin, Texas, USA in July and August.

For trading little bits of information you can download Things Change for free from NoiseTrade.

Daniel Whittington MySpace and Homepage.

The Revere – The Great City

Genre: rock

how can I download free mp3 albums The Revere introduce The Great City as being “the first installment of a two part journey concerning individuals called in a dream to follow an Old Man to an unknown destination.” If you’re down in Pennsylvania, USA you can visit this story telling band for live shows in June or August.

Get the album The Great City from their homepage in exchange for your eMail address.

The Revere MySpace and Homepage.

The New Enemy – Shakedown

Genres: hardcore, punk, rock

free album download Toronto’s much acclaimed punk band The New Enemy is not afraid to voice their opinion. Now they have thrown both their albums onto the free market.

Download their 2009 album Shakedown from their Homepage. On the same page you will also find a free download of their 2008 EP Outsourced.

The New Enemy MySpace and Homepage.

Zar The Diplomat – In This Corner

Genre: hip hop

free music download Zar The Diplomat, also known as Ansar El Muhammad, is an independent rap artist from the US Bay Area. He translates his everyday frustration with what’s going on in America into his music. He has also founded the Keep Youth Alive movement to create a counterbalance to the violence generally glorified in rap or hip hop music.

Zar’s album In This Corner is made available through box.

Zar The Diplomat Homepage.

Shorelines End – From Across This Crowded Room

Genres: alternative, pop, rock

free mp3 download From Across This Crowded Room is the debut album of Shorelines End. I’m looking forward to hearing a lot more from this talented young band. Throughout July they are touring the US with the Warped Tour 2010.

To download the album in various formats you only need to share your eMail address. The download is available from Bandcamp.

Shorelines End MySpace and Homepage.

If you have some free music to share, please get in touch with me (tina at makeuseof dot com)! On Sound Sunday MakeUseOf promotes free mp3 downloads of either songs (no information collected) or albums. And in case you enjoyed any of the above, please subscribe to the band’s mailing list, visit their live show, or simply leave a comment to say “Thank You!”

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