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Whether you’re walking in rainy Vancouver or tanning in sunny Lisbon, take note of the sounds around you. Every location, every season, and every hour has a unique pattern, an acoustic fingerprint. If you constantly walk around with the plugs in your ears, you’re missing out! Or maybe not? If you’re in dire need of fresh tunes, plug into Sound Sunday.

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Sidecar Rider – Aquele Peso Em Mim

Genre: indie, alternative, pop, rock

The Canadian, Brazilian and Scottish band of four lives and plays in São Paulo, Brazil. Aquele Peso Em Mim is their second album, following their 2010 debut Choir of Crickets.

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Aquele Peso Em Mim is a free download from Bandcamp.

American Songwriter Magazine – The Country Way

Genre: american, singer & songwriter, country, folk, sampler

From the website: “In conjunction with our new country music issue, American Songwriter and CMT proudly present The Country Way Digital Volume 2, featuring 31 must-hear tracks from some of our favorite artists. And the best thing about it? It’s free!

The Country Way is a free download from Bandcamp.

Nodding by the Fire – At Home in the Wilderness

Genre: indie, acoustic, folk

From their Last.fm profile: “Nodding By The Fire is a four piece instrumental band from Spain. Although the band sound is not limited and hold an eerie edge the band approach are more focused along folk stream, indie and acoustic vibes.

At Home in the Wilderness is a free download from Bandcamp.

The Dead Ends – Cellar Doors

Genre: alternative, rock

The Dead Ends is an alternative rock band from Auburn, Alabama. The three guys just released their debut album Cellar Doors. It’s a promising piece, starting out with a powerful rock song (Mother and Father). Further into the album, every track invites a little bit of melancholy into the sound, reinforced by singer Will Fargason’s doleful vocals.

Cellar Doors is a free download from Bandcamp.

Tulo and I/Dex – Footpaths of Autumn

Genre: ambient, electro, acoustic, breaks, dubstep

From the Internet Archive album intro: “This album is the common work of sound designer from Byelorussia Vitaly Harmash (I/Dex) and Kriipis Tulo (Tulo) from Latvia. It is a crystallization of sounds searches and findings, autumn sun, full of warm romantic waves. (…) These tunes bring to listeners the cooling breeze of Baltic Sea and the freshness of bright and clear autumn sky. Recorded live during improvisations by Kriipis Tulo and I/Dex at Tokctoka Studio, Riga/Latvia.”

Footpaths of Autumn is a free download from the Internet Archive.

bryface – How To Dodge Lasers

Genre: electronic, synthesizer

From his homepage’s album intro: “THE KORG DS-10 is a piece of synthesizer software for the Nintendo DS that I picked up a while ago. Its portable and tactile nature singlehandedly enabled me to overcome constant writer’s block and begin composing electronic music again – on the go. (…) Everything you hear on this album has been synthesized, composed and arranged from scratch. I’ve tried to capture a wide variety of musical styles, and draw from all sorts of influences including – but not limited to – video games, nature, sci-fi landscapes, random present thoughts in my head, and various life experiences imaginary and real.

How To Dodge Lasers can be downloaded for free from bryface’s Homepage.

Matthew Mayfield – NoiseTrade Sampler

Genre: acoustic, rock

From his NoiseTrade page: “My new album, ‘Now You’re Free’, is everything I want it to be. Honest, anthemic and diverse. The songs are full of hope, which in some ways is very new to me. They are the sound of a fresh start. I’m excited about attempting to change something with this record. It could be someone’s mood for a few minutes, the temperature in their room, or the way they watch the sunset driving down the interstate. Music has changed everything for me. I want to be a part of that for other people.

The NoiseTrade Sampler is a free download from guess where.

Courrier – A Violent Flame Sampler

Genre: alternative, rock

From their NoiseTrade page: “Like a new wind in an often dry and monotonous music ”business,” Courrier’s music is refreshing indeed. With a penchant for melody in the likes of alternative-rock bands like Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, and Kings of Leon, Courrier writes songs as soothing as they are sincere. It is in this duality that Courrier finds their message. In the beauty of existence and the pain of experience, lead singer Austin Jones’ voice even reflects the honeyed grit of reality, while the ascending harmonies and radiant guitars anthem the intimate.

The A Violent Flame Sampler is a free download from NoiseTrade.

Skyhook – Rough Mixes

Genre: alternative, rock

From their NoiseTrade page: “Skyhook hails from Nashville, Tennessee and is made up of band members Dane Allen, Josh Giles, Seth Wharton, Andrew Gomez, Ben Miller, and Evan Thon. Skyhook’s edgy sound is a concoction of stellar vocal harmonies overlaid with mind-bending guitars and dynamic progressions. But the lyrics rule the day for these guys. Originally a worship band who made waves and turned heads at the various national festivals, Skyhook’s ultimate goal is to create and perform musical art that serves their generation with a message of hope and a challenge to pursue authentic change by repositioning one’s life close to the heart of the Creator.

Rough Mixes is a free download from NoiseTrade.

Jason Poe – Now Is The Winter

Genre: alternative, pop

From Jason’s Facebook Biography: “A great pop song is easy to spot, but hard to create. That’s why singer/songwriter Jason Poe is obsessed with creating cleverly crafted hooks, relying on a piano and leaving his acoustic guitar behind. His catchy choruses and thoughtful lyrics leave listeners wanting more. Taking cues from musical greats like Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson, Jason has positioned himself somewhere in the musical spectrum between Aqualung and The Fray.

Now Is The Winter is a free download from NoiseTrade.

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