10 Most Downloaded Clipboard Apps [Movers & Shakers]

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Welcome, once again, to our featured Movers and Shakers column. Each and every week, we take a look at a software category and provide an overview of the ten most downloaded free apps.

This week we will be covering clipboard software.  These applications help us work with or enhance using the Windows clipboard. This clipboard is normally activated by highlighting something and pressing CTRL + C or choosing copy from the right click context menu. We can then paste what we copied elsewhere.

But we also have applications that allow us to add multiple items to the clipboard or strip the formatting of what you are copying. Check the applications out below and if something that you use is not on the list hit us up in the comments.

1. Screen Print & Capture 32

1 This application allows you to effortlessly capture the entire screen, a portion of the screen or a user selected area with a single hot key. You can resize, add headers, footers, fade, use multiple file types and you can paste the shot into any other application. For the low price of free.

2. M8 Free Clipboard

2 Have you ever had the need to copy multiple items to your clipboard without having Windows replace the last one with the new one? M8 free clipboard allows you to grab up to 25 items and save them to the clipboard to be pasted anytime and anywhere.

3. Copy/Paste Clipboard Extender

3 This one is for writers or coders. You can copy multiple TEXT items to multiple clipboards. The application is 100% portable and needs no installation. You can print or paste them but you cannot save them. This is a small application and uses very little memory.

4. PureText

4 Have you ever copied a chunk of text to paste into Word only to find that it is accompanied by some strange formatting or other junk? Well PureText can strip all that unsightly garbage and just give you the text. That’s right, the text and nothing but the text.

5. ClipX

5 This small application will allow you to tell it how many clipboard items it should remember. Then you can easily access everything that you copied from the left click menu. You can also see other options by right clicking on it. They call it a clipboard history manager.
  1. Clipomatic This program assigns different hotkeys so you can paste  items stored in the clipboard cache.
  2. Flashpaste Lite Save pieces of text that can easily be accessed by their menu. It is very easy to use.
  3. Ditto Open source extension to the built in Windows clipboard. Search and reuse your clips.
  4. CLCL Archive all your previous clips and recall them at will.
  5. CopyFilenames Copy only filenames and folder names to the clipboard from Explorer.
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