The 10 Most Disliked YouTube Videos of All Time

disliked youtube videoThere are a lot of great videos on YouTube. You can find comedy videos, interactive games, high definition podcasts, and even those that teach you things like science and card tricks. You can find YouTube videos by everything from what channel they fall in to what country they’re in, and we can’t forget about those viral videos that pop up every now and then. There are even websites like Devour and 12Vid that are dedicated to picking out the very best YouTube videos. Let’s see, did I forget anything?

Oh yeah, disliked videos! Everyone always talks about the most liked, or most popular, videos on YouTube, but which ones have received the most dislikes?

10. Evolution of Dance – By Judson Laipply

We’ve all seen this video. It’s the one of the guy doing a few seconds of every kind of popular dance imaginable. This one’s been viewed almost 170 million times. How many views are you accountable for?

9. “Chocolate Rain” Original Song by Tay Zonday

Chocolate Rain is another hugely recognizable video/internet meme. You can’t argue with the guy’s voice in this one, although some clearly “dislike” it.

8. Charlie bit my finger – again !

This video, which has been seen over 300 million times, shows a couple of young kids, one of which’s name is Charlie. You’d think they’re too cute to dislike, but some people apparently didn’t think so.

7. Justin Bieber – Never Let You Go

From here on out, get ready to see a lot of Justin Bieber. The Biebs is notorious for being both largely admired and largely ‘disliked’ at the same time, and his videos are no exception. Are you a fan?

6. Justin Bieber – One Less Lonely Girl

This video, which features another song by Justin Bieber, has been seen nearly 120 million times. Over half of the people who voted clicked the dislike button on this one.

5. Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

It looks like Lady Gaga snuck into the list. The vast majority of people who rated this video actually liked it, but when you receive 365 million views–and dress like you’re not from this planet–you’ll attract the occasional dislike.

4. Justin Bieber – Somebody To Love Remix ft. Usher

And we’re back to Justin Bieber. Did you miss him? Surely he can’t take all the heat from this one, since this video also features Usher.

3. Justin Bieber – Never Say Never ft. Jaden Smith

We’ve got one more Justin Bieber video to go and then we can wrap up this list!

2. Justin Bieber – Baby ft. Ludacris

And here it is, the former champion. This music video featuring Justin Bieber and Ludacris has been seen over 509 million times as of this writing. It’s arguably the video (and song) that made Justin Bieber a household name, and it has received over double the amount of dislike votes as it has like votes. A true number 2 in my book.

1. Rebecca Black – Friday (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

To those who are familiar with this video, you shouldn’t be surprised to see it on this list. In a landslide of dislike votes, Rebecca Black takes the title as owner of the most disliked YouTube vid. I don’t know about you, but I’m interested to see where her career is headed after this one. We will see!


And there you have it, the most disliked videos on YouTube. Justin Bieber makes up the majority of this list, but his title as the most disliked video was only recently overtaken at the number one spot by Rebecca Black. I know what you’re thinking, these aren’t the most terrible videos you’ve ever seen. In fact, a lot of them are actually extremely popular, even though they are the most disliked.

Actually the majority of videos listed here have more likes than dislikes, and them being on this list can be attributed to being seen so often that they happened to accumulate a lot of dislikes as well. You learn something new every day, don’t you?

Are you surprised with this list? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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