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facebook profile customizerDon’t call yourself a true Facebook user if you haven’t tried to “hack” your new profile page. Well, at least that’s what the profile page hackers believe. A French artist called Alexandre Oudin is credited as the pioneer of the craze. Since then many people have joined the trend and created their own hacked profile page.

If you want to create your own, below are several examples that could inspire you. Please note that due to the nature of Facebook profile pages, which some people change as often as changing clothes, the linked Facebook page might already display a different series of images when you visit them. That’s why some of these page profile artists recorded their creations and saved them somewhere else.

Tools Of The Trade

Before we go through the examples, let’s see some of the tools that you can use to customize your Facebook Profile Page. We discussed several of them in 3+ Ways To Customise Your Facebook Profile Picture 3+ Ways to Customise Your Facebook Profile Picture 3+ Ways to Customise Your Facebook Profile Picture Read More and How To Reface Your Facebook Profile Using FB Photo Magic How To Reface Your Facebook Profile Using FB Photo Magic How To Reface Your Facebook Profile Using FB Photo Magic Read More .  There are also other similar tools that you could try, such as :

facebook profile customizer

Armed with these tools, you are ready to go. You only need some inspiration to spice up your own design, inspiration you could perhaps get from some of the following profile pages. The list is in no particular order – except for the first.

  1. Alexandre Oudin

    The first spot is reserved for Mr Oudin to honor him as the person who triggered the trend. He creatively used a close-up picture of himself to compile his profile page. Looking at how many profile page creation tools are available today, it’s amazing how he – being the first of the pack – did his profile page manually, with the help of Photoshop and a lot of patience.

    customize facebook

  2. Jon Yang

    I have only one word for this one: amazing. Mr Yang used the profile page layout to perfectly put the emphasize on the action.

    customize facebook

  3. John Robert-Nicoud

    Whose heart wouldn’t melt after looking at this cute picture? Mr Robert-Nicoud divided the images into two parts and so enhanced the focus on each one. The cute hand and the small flower connected the two parts and gave soul to the whole.

    customize facebook

  4. Thibaut Le Brasseur

    Who said that Facebook profile page hacks have to be built only from photos? This example shows a playful twist to the page hacking process.

    customize facebook profile

  5. Jack Smith

    This is what we call going all the way. Mr Smith didn’t stop at utilizing the profile page and photo streams, but also the other lines of images. I don’t know whether this one was done manually or by using one of the available tools, but you surely need lots and lots of patience to do it the manual way.

    customize facebook profile

  6. Cynthia Lay

    Even with the help of the Facebook profile page builder, this profile page is not an easy one to create (at least not for me). Aside from the well-thought out composition, adjusting the position of the butterflies to fit the page hack layout is not something that ordinary people could do in one go.

    customize facebook profile

  7. Claudio Nader

    While I personally think that this one is not as good looking as the other examples, Mr Nader creatively uses the space that he has to promote himself. He shows us that the Facebook profile page hack can also be used to literally show your profile.

    02h Claudio Nader

  8. Taylor Kwek

    This is an example of how a limitation can be turned into an advantage. Mr Kwek utilizes the edges of the profile picture and photo streams as a virtual wall to give the illusion that he is peeking from behind the wall.

    01h Taylor Kwek 2

  9. Dave Keffer

    This profile page hack literally bends the concept of linear edges. The curved photos give the feeling of depth, as if there’s a room behind the page.

    01i Dave Keffer 1

  10. Serentonin Boogie

    Scrapbook fans will love this one. Instead of using just one photo like the majority of profile page artists, Mr Boogié tastefully composed and stitched several images into one, making the result a true work of art.

    facebook profile customizer

These ten are just a tiny proportion of the total number of Facebook profile page hacks. There are lots more examples out there, and it’s impossible to show them all. If you have a favourite or if you’d like your creations to be featured here, please share them using the comments below.

Image credit: thurana

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