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movies on youtubeThe art of the short film may be the most underrated film style today, although with our 21st century attention spans, they are the ideal way to pass 5 or 10 minutes of spare time. YouTube is brimming with both amateur and award winning short films in every language imaginable.

The movies will make you laugh, will make you think, and some will simply leave you in awe. We’ve sifted through a long long list of movies on YouTube and selected a few that stood out.

Bartholomew’s Song

Bartholomew’s Song, a 10 minute student film, is A Brave New World-esque story about the consequences of individuality in a society in which conformity is the norm. Through music, Bartholomew 467 finds a sense of individuality and you’d be surprised at the unexpected twist in such a short film. A great short that will make you think.

The Sound Machine

The Sound Machine, based on the short story by Roald Dahl, is a thought provoking and beautifully made 10 minute short film. The lack of dialogue, coupled with some of the sound effects and music may be unnerving for some, but the film has an interesting and compelling message.

A must for all Roald Dahl fans, but definitely not for the faint of heart.

Fifty People, One Question

More of a journalistic endeavour than a film, Fifty People, One Question deserves a place on this list just for how beautifully it has been made. As the title suggests, in the original film, they ask 50 people one question – What would you wish to happen before the end of the day? It’s interesting to see people answer with a combination of spontaneity, superficiality, thoughtfulness, and honesty. It’s an interesting human experiment. The original video was shot in New Orleans, but there are quite a few other videos, with some additional questions, shot all over the world from New York, to London, to Perth.

Heavenly Appeals

If you want a bit of animated fun, the short 2 minute film Heavenly Appeals will definitely bring a smile to your face. Appealing his case of Eternal Damnation, Raymond K. Hessle has high hopes for finally passing through the gates of Paradise. Or will he?


Deadline, a CGI car action short film, is more about special effects than plot. And that’s fine. In this Spanish film (subtitled in English of course), a man is instructed to steal a mysterious object, and a high speed car chase ensues.

The film was created for a Lightwave 3D training course and shows you just how much can be done as far as computer generated special effects are concerned, even on an amateur level. There is a second version of the film in which professional actors dubbed the audio.


Why is a short monologue by one man, asking one question. You guessed it – Why? Why am I here? The film is a brilliant combination of elements that will keep you on the edge of your seat. We won’t say more than that because we’d end up giving it away. Why was shortlisted for a Thinksync Award in 2008.

Love and Hamburgers

Love and Hamburgers is a sweet short film about two neighbours leaving short messages for each other on each other’s doorsteps. Will it have a happy ending? Watch to find out.


Control is a short film where the screen is split in two. Think of it as the Short Film version of Sliding Doors. It starts in 1981, with a mother telling her daughter not to go outside because it’s too cold. The film takes a look at the concept of how the smallest of decisions can shape your entire life.

An Inclusive Society

Just under one minute, this film from India aims to convey the message, “Ignorance of the Ability brings Disability.” The film deals with a very sensitive topic, but does so in a thought provoking way.


Memories is an award winning student film, just over 2 minutes long. The story follows a man as he walks through the street, finding rolls of film – representing his memories. A combination of striking cinematography and beautiful original music by a Slovenian band make for a very touching film.

What are your favourite amateur movies on YouTube? Let us know in the comments.

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