10 More Alfred Workflows to Send Tweets, Set Reminders & More

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If you’re a Mac power user, application launcher Alfred is a powerful way to get things done with click-saving workflows and a few swift keystrokes.

Last year, a powerful workflow system was added to Alfred, and since then some very dedicated and creative minds have added dozens of workflows that can be downloaded used immediately. We have previously covered Alfred workflows in a few different articles, but I’ve since discovered even more that should be highlighted.

The following are my new favorites.

Rdio Player

Alfred has a built-in workflow for searching and navigating iTunes, but there’s also a similar workflow for the streaming the music service, Rdio (reviewed here). This workflow allows you to search and play songs on the site without having to bring the Rdio website or dedicated player application to the forefront. You do however need to be a Rdio subscriber.

Rdio workflow

Evernote Journal Entries

Evernote is a great application and service, but it can be a pain to open and add notes. This workflow gem allows you to keep a date and time stamped journal as you work throughout the day. You type entries in the Alfred window and your content gets logged into a dedicated note for that particular day. All journal entries are also kept in an assigned folder, automatically created by the workflow.

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Alfred journal

Search Keyboard Maestro

Even the latest version of the powerful automaton program Keyboard Maestro has its own search function, but I find the Alfred workflow more attractive and easier to use. If you have a lot of Keyboard Maestro macros like I do, this workflow comes in handy when you can’t remember the keyboard shortcut to execute a specific macro.

Alfred Keyboard Maestro

The workflow also allows for executing Keyboard Maestro macros that don’t have a keyboard shortcut assigned to the them. The workflow developer, Ian Sinnott, explains some other uses for his workflow.

Google+ Search

If you’re regular Google+ user, this workflow may come in handy for initiating a search of Google+, saving you the steps of launching the site and then typing the search term.

Alfred google

Quick Reminders

Want to add a quick reminder to your Mac’s Reminders application? This workflow allows you do that without having to launch the application. This advanced workflow includes a built-in help list for setting and reviewing your reminders. If you use iCloud and other Apple devices these reminders will be pushed to your iPhone and iPad automatically, too.

Reminder help

Screenshots with Alfred

All Mac power users know how to take screenshots using the universal keyboard shortcuts, but this workflow is especially useful for taking full screen and timed screenshots without having to open the Grab application and using the appropriate keyboard shortcuts.

Alfred screenshots

File Path to Clipboard

There are occasions when you’re working in Terminal or other system applications that you might need the folder path to a file. This Alfred workflow copies the path of a selected file, application, or folder to the system clipboard for pasting.

Alfred paths

Current Calendar Week

I’m not sure how often I will need to know the current calendar week, but I downloaded this workflow just in case I quickly needed to find out. You may find it useful as well.


Keep Computer Awake

I occasionally use a little application called Caffeine to keep my computer awake, but with this CoffeeCoffee workflow I don’t have to launch Caffeine in order to keep my computer awake. Try it out, you’ll like it. The keyword is “coffee” followed by the number of minutes you want to keep your Mac awake.


AlfredTweet 2

While it’s fairly easy to send tweets using Notifications in Mavericks, David Ferguson’s AlfredTweet 2 is even faster. You will need to follow the instructions on the webpage to set this one up, but it’s well worth the effort.


In addition to posting tweets, this workflow can present a list of your current Twitter mentions right inside the Alfred window. It also enables Rdio.com users to post the currently playing song to their Twitter stream. The workflow includes 13 different keyword commands that will put your Twitter account at your finger tips.

Alfred twitter workflow

Share Yours

Do you have any favourite Alfred workflows you absolutely rely on? We’d love some input on this fantastic piece of software, so let us know by posting your favourites in the comments.

Visit: Alfred “Share Your Workflows” Forum

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