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6 Ways You Can Use Microsoft Office Without Paying For It

2nd June, 2014

TweetDeck Now Allows Users to Add Images to Scheduled Tweets

1st June, 2014

5 Apps & Online Tools To Help You Write a Will

30th May, 2014

7 Useful Toolbars You Can Add To Your Windows Taskbar

29th May, 2014
windows error

5 Ways Overzealous Cleaning Can Break Windows

29th May, 2014

The Best Free Video Editors For Windows

28th May, 2014

Windows XP Registry Hack, Google Self-Driving Cars, Apple Ransomware [Tech News Digest]

28th May, 2014

Forget Linux – A Chromebook is the Perfect Replacement for Windows XP

27th May, 2014

How To Troubleshoot And Fix Windows Black Screen Issues

26th May, 2014

Surface Pro 3 Reviews, Happy Google Employees, Free Amazon Fire TVs [Tech News Digest]

26th May, 2014

Low Disk Space? 5 Native Windows Tools To Free Up Storage Space

24th May, 2014

How To Find What Program Is Using Your Webcam

23rd May, 2014

5 Smart Ways To Customize & Improve OneDrive In Windows 8.1

23rd May, 2014

How to Use Your Windows 8 PC Anywhere – Without Taking It With You!

23rd May, 2014

Surface Pro 3, DuckDuckGo Update, Netflix In Europe, Facebook Ask Button [Tech News Digest]

21st May, 2014

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Google Is Reading Your Emails, Hotel Tackles Negative Reviews, And More… [Tech News Digest]

August 5, 2014

Also, in-flight cellphone calls may be banned, Windows XP is hanging on for dear life, Flappy Bird returns, an update on HitchBOT, and how iCEnhancer 3.0 makes GTA IV look better than GTA V.


Rip Your DVDs & Blu-Rays With Absolute Ease With MakeMKV [Cross-Platform]

July 25, 2014

If you ripped all your DVDs and Blu-Rays, you could create an amazing media center. Of course the main obstacle to ripping is the disk’s copy protection. Enter our hero: MakeMKV.


Amazon Fire Phone Reviews, Microsoft Focuses On Windows 9, And More… [Tech News Digest]

July 23, 2014

Also, a security vulnerability in Tor is kept secret, William Shatner boldly goes where no celebrity has gone before by reviewing Facebook Mentions, and Japan dreams of a 2020 Olympic Games for robots.


Save Energy & Extend Your Battery Life With Custom Windows Power Plans

August 19, 2014

Windows battery life has rocketed forward in the last few years thanks to new processors from Intel that provide strong performance on a fraction of the power previously required. Even inexpensive laptops can often hit five or six hours, and models specifically designed for portability frequently exceed eight. Yet these improvements have made the way you […]

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