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5 Effective Tools to Encrypt Your Secret Files

3rd March, 2015

Excel Quick Tips: How To Flip Cells & Switch Rows or Columns

2nd March, 2015

How to Search the Content of Your Files on Windows

27th February, 2015

How To Restore a Deleted Recovery Partition in Windows 8

26th February, 2015

Easy Coding for Kids With Microsoft’s Kodu

24th February, 2015

10 Tips To Make You a More Efficient Skype User

22nd February, 2015

6 Modern Note-Taking Apps to Keep Your Thoughts Organized

21st February, 2015

How to Safely Activate Windows 10 and Avoid Scams and Malware

20th February, 2015

6 Light Alternatives to Open Office & PDF Files

20th February, 2015

Upgrade Your Skills with the Best Microsoft Office Courses Online

19th February, 2015

Under the Hood: 6 Hidden Windows 10 Features You Can Unlock

19th February, 2015

Make a Noise with Soundboard Apps for Windows 8

19th February, 2015

How To Increase Your Virtual Desktop Space

19th February, 2015

How To Use Your Smartphone as a Windows Microphone

18th February, 2015

Is the New LibreOffice a Better Microsoft Office Alternative?

17th February, 2015

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March 23, 2015

The best time to buy is hard to predict. Don’t wait around too long, not even for Windows 10. If you’re looking to strike a deal, we have some advice on timing.


Unlock Windows Potential: Control Panel Demystified

If you want to be the master of your Windows experience, the Control Panel is where it’s at. We untangle the complexity of this power tool.


Mini Excel Tutorial: Using Advanced Counting and Adding Functions in Excel

March 19, 2015

Counting and adding formulas may appear mundane compared to more advanced Excel formulas. But they can help you save a lot of time when you need to collect information about the data in your spreadsheet.


Mini Excel Tutorial: Use Boolean Logic to Process Complex Data

March 15, 2015

Logical operators IF, NOT, AND, and OR, can help you get from Excel newbie to power user. We explain the basics of each function and demonstrate how you can use them for maximum results.

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