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To get the most out of the web, you need to understand the culture it’s creating. We’ll explain everything.



Nothing Gets Deleted From the Internet, Ever. Here’s How.

3rd February, 2015

Public Domain Project Offers 10,000 HD Clips For Your Video Projects [Stuff to Watch]

3rd February, 2015

How Upvote Systems Have Damaged Online Communities

2nd February, 2015

Goodbye, Apple Fanboys: Is The Internet Falling Out Of Love With Cupertino?

2nd February, 2015

The Internet’s Worst Dating and Relationship Advice

1st February, 2015

Hell Has Frozen Over: The Best Let It Go Covers of All Time [Weird & Wonderful Web]

1st February, 2015

5 Signs You Shouldn’t Date That Guy You Met On The Internet

31st January, 2015

5 Ways You’re (Accidentally!) Being A Condescending Jerk Online

29th January, 2015

Diamonds Are Obsolete: How Technology Makes a Better Gift

28th January, 2015

Open Source Software and Forking: The Good, The Great and The Ugly

28th January, 2015

The Right Way To Grow A New Online Community: 3 Examples

28th January, 2015

Are Blackberry and Windows Phone Users Discriminated Against? (No.)

27th January, 2015

Why Gamification Is Not The Magic Bullet Everyone Thinks It Is

27th January, 2015

GIFs, The Language Of The Web: Their History, Culture, and Future

27th January, 2015

8 Eye-Popping Ultra HD Videos To Watch On Your New 4K TV [Stuff to Watch]

27th January, 2015

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Digital Leather Binding: The Rise And Fall of Skeuomorphic Design

March 26, 2015

“Skeuomorphic” design – software that resembles the physical objects it replaces – went from being the hot design principle to an insult in an amazingly short period of time.


The Kindest Communities on Reddit

March 29, 2015

There are a lot of really great people on Reddit – here’s where you can find them.


How Often Do You Look at Porn on The Internet? [MakeUseOf Poll]

March 1, 2015

Porn, and people’s consumption of it, is a taboo topic, but we feel it’s a suitable subject for this week’s MakeUseOf Poll.

See Your Favourite Movies Reimagined As 8-Bit Retro Video Games [Stuff to Watch]

March 3, 2015

See Pulp Fiction, Frozen, The Matrix and even Mean Girls transformed into retro video games.

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