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To get the most out of the web, you need to understand the culture it’s creating. We’ll explain everything.



What’s The Best Easter Egg You Have Ever Seen? [We Ask You]

23rd October, 2014

MakeUseOf Readers Would Shoot Drones Out Of The Sky [We Ask You Results]

22nd October, 2014

The Doom Of The Double Irish, And How It Affects You

20th October, 2014

I Make $2000 A Year Selling My Personal Information, You Can Too

20th October, 2014

Time Is Short: 20 Geeky TL;DR Wikipedia Entries You Need To Read [Weird & Wonderful Web]

19th October, 2014

A Drone Hovers Over Your Property: What Would You Do? [We Ask You]

16th October, 2014

Create A New Alias With The Best Online Name Generators [Weird & Wonderful Web]

12th October, 2014

Mad Mashups: 7 YouTube Channels Full Of Fun Remixes [Weird & Wonderful Web]

5th October, 2014

5 Things Users Tell IT Support and What They Really Mean

29th September, 2014

Trolling Apple: The 18 Best Reactions To The iPhone 6 Bending [Weird & Wonderful Web]

28th September, 2014
Jazz Men Featured Image

Modern Jazz Music To Lean Back & Chill [Sound Sunday]

22nd September, 2014

Today I Learned: 10 Amazing Facts For Geeks Discovered On Reddit [Weird & Wonderful Web]

21st September, 2014
World Map

Exploring International Music East To West [Sound Sunday]

15th September, 2014

iTime For An iWatch: Funny Reactions To The New Apple Watch [Weird & Wonderful Web]

14th September, 2014
Sound Sunday Featured Images Stones

Relax & Drone Out With Free Ambient Music Downloads [Sound Sunday]

8th September, 2014

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SciShow Demystifies Scientific News & Answers Some Burning Questions [Stuff to Watch]

December 9, 2014

SciShow is another fine resource for the young and old that turns boring textbook descriptions into fascinating, fun videos.


Wikipedia Has Millions In The Bank – Why Beg For More?

December 18, 2014

If you have been on Wikipedia in the past few days, you must have noticed an appeal from co-founder Jimmy Wales. It comes up every December, like clockwork. The world’s largest publicly-edited encyclopaedia needs donations, from you, to keep running. But does it really? Earlier this year, the Wikimedia Foundation (which runs Wikipedia) raised over […]


YouTube Haikus: Short, Sweet And Absolutely Hysterical

December 19, 2014

If you thought TV gave people a short attention span, we’ve got news for you. Look no further for quick, surefire laughs than the Internet phenomenon known as the “YouTube Haiku”. I’ll give you the lowdown on the origins of the term, showcase amazing examples of these comedic and poetic gems, then give you an easy […]


What Is The Sharing Economy, And What Does It Mean For You?

It’s really just ordinary people meeting a demand with resources they own, in order to make a profit – but what does that look like?

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