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We love the Internet here at MakeUseOf, and are forever scouring it for the best of the Web. Find our picks for the best websites, tips and tricks, and popular trends across the WWW.



Weddings Are Stressful: 12 Websites for Stress-Free Planning

10th February, 2015

9 Fixes That Will Make Us Love These 3 Top Travel Sites More

10th February, 2015

5 Tools to Extract Images From PDF Files

10th February, 2015

The Theory of Everything: The Web Uncovers the True Love Story

9th February, 2015

Watch Mystery Science Theatre and Other Classic TV for Free Right Now

9th February, 2015
apps to calm your mind featured image

10 Calming Apps to Destress & Clear Your Mind

7th February, 2015

5 Tools for Easy Web Design

7th February, 2015

How to Deal With Inbox Overload and To-Do Lists in Emails

6th February, 2015

Reap the Benefits of Microlearning with Bite-Size Lessons Every Day

5th February, 2015

5 Social Media Tools That Will Make You Look like the Boss

5th February, 2015

What Twitter Accounts Should Everybody Follow? [We Ask You]

5th February, 2015

Make The Best Use of Evernote with Automated Note Reviews

4th February, 2015

15 Unmissable Video Games You Need to Play in 2015

4th February, 2015

4 Steps to Find Information on Someone Online

3rd February, 2015

5 Crowdsourced Review Sites Similar to Yelp

3rd February, 2015

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8 of the Best Free Collaborative Tools For Programmers

February 28, 2015

If you’re a programmer and you aren’t yet sharing or collaborating, you’re behind the curve. Reap the benefits of collaboration with the right web apps.


5 Quick Tools for Visualizing Time Zones

March 28, 2015

Time zones are confusing because they are abstract. These tools that help you visualize them, making things more concrete.


Your Favorite Icons: 14 Favicons That Stand Out From The Crowd

March 18, 2015

Once you start noticing favicons, you realize how much they differ. Most are boring, predictable, and instantly forgettable. But some are good enough to stand out from the crowd.


Learning Photography: 5 YouTube Channels to Become a Pro

March 10, 2015

There are hundreds of channels dedicated to photography lessons. The good ones are buried in the noise. We picked five of the best for you.

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