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We love the Internet here at MakeUseOf, and are forever scouring it for the best of the Web. Find our picks for the best websites, tips and tricks, and popular trends across the WWW.



What Is The Last Thing You Googled? [We Ask You]

27th November, 2014

15 Documentaries About The Internet, Hacking, Startups & Cyberculture [Stuff to Watch]

26th November, 2014

4 Online Relationship Tips That Actually Work

25th November, 2014

5 Tools For The New Online Startup Business

25th November, 2014

How To Plug Passion Planning Into Your Digital Routines

24th November, 2014

Streaming Music Secrets: How To Get More Out Of Spotify

24th November, 2014

Two Ways Your ISP Is Spying On You, And How To Be Safe [10 x SurfEasy Total VPN + BlackBerry Z10 Giveaway]

24th November, 2014

How Much Do You Spend Buying Music? [MakeUseOf Poll]

23rd November, 2014

Help The Internet Remix Barbie: I Can Be A Computer Engineer [Weird & Wonderful Web]

23rd November, 2014

5 Must-See Sites Before Going To See “The Hobbit – The Battle of The Five Armies”

22nd November, 2014

Rank Your Online Writing & Gather Social Influence With ClearVoice

21st November, 2014

How To Set Up YouTube For Better Learning

21st November, 2014

10 Top Health Forums Online For Expert Support

20th November, 2014

5 Tools You Should Use When Starting A New WordPress Site

20th November, 2014

20 Gadget Gift Ideas For Geeks

19th November, 2014

Popular Now

Microsoft Sway Logo Large

Create Cloud Based Presentations With Microsoft’s PowerPoint Destroyer Sway

November 27, 2014

Microsoft Sway is a novel tool for building cloud based presentations. Sway offers a rapid design experience and a canvas for your ideas. Sways are quick to create and easy to share.


How To Set Up YouTube For Better Learning

November 21, 2014

If you are not using YouTube to expand your mind and learn new skills, it’s time to catch up. There’s so much free knowledge available out there. Why not take advantage of it?


20 Historical Microsoft Office Facts You Forgot Or Never Knew

December 4, 2014

The Microsoft Office suite turned 25 this year. The world has changed since digital presentations, word processing, and spreadsheets became a thing. Do you remember how it all began?


5 Sources To View Digitized Historical Collections

December 16, 2014

In the Brave New World of the Internet, everything is now slowly being digitized. Anyone can take a peek and look back into history. Seeing historical collections up close and personal is a fascinating process.

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