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We love the Internet here at MakeUseOf, and are forever scouring it for the best of the Web. This is where you’ll find our picks for the best websites, tips and tricks related to the online world, and popular trends across the WWW.



Don’t Pay For Word! 5 Reasons You Should Use Office Online

16th August, 2014

Gadgets, Robots, Tech: The Best 5 Subreddits

16th August, 2014

3 Online Contact Management Tips Even Introverts Should Try

15th August, 2014

When Sharks Attack The Internet, Most People Want Net Neutrality, And More… [Tech News Digest]

15th August, 2014

Cool Websites & Tools – Public Radio News, Anonymous Confessions, & Global Terrorism

15th August, 2014

The NSA Seeks To Stop Malware, Bing Gets More Conversational, And More… [Tech News Digest]

14th August, 2014

Cool Websites & Tools – Android Coding Patterns, Social Media Marketing, & Create Mixtapes

14th August, 2014

What Is The First Website You Remember Viewing? [We Ask You]

14th August, 2014

You Can Now Watch Netflix On Linux Natively: Here’s How

13th August, 2014

How Portable Apps Can Make Your Life Easier & Save Resources

13th August, 2014

8 Fitness Experts On The Web With The Best Health Advice For You

13th August, 2014

Texting 911 In An Emergency, Twitter Launches Video Ads, And More… [Tech News Digest]

13th August, 2014

Cool Websites & Tools – Analyze Your Cloud Storage, Stream Torrents, & Easily Order Pizza

13th August, 2014

12 Things To Do When A Website Goes Offline [We Ask You Results]

13th August, 2014

Microsoft Pits Surface Pro Vs. MacBook, Chromebooks On Rise, And More… [Tech News Digest]

12th August, 2014

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Water Woes: 20 Of The Best Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge Videos [Weird & Wonderful Web]

August 24, 2014

With each person who gets doused nominating three more people, the Ice Bucket Challenge has spread quickly. And we have now seen enough videos to make a list of the best so far. Enjoy it.


Cool Websites & Tools – Best Remote Working Locations, Export GCal To Excel, & Search To Donate

August 3, 2014

Clarisketch – Mailing, calling and screen-capping are a time-consuming and often ineffective means of communicating complex processes and procedures. With Clarisketch, you can save time and improve the quality of your message using a combination of photographs and annotated commentary. Sketch something, record a comment and share it with friends. Bolt – is a free […]


Kindle Unlimited — Is It Really Worth It?

Amazon’s rumored “Netflix for books” service is finally here: Kindle Unlimited. In theory, it sounds fantastic. But is it all that it is hyped up to be?


Too Lazy to Skim? Get The Gist With These Top 3 Summarization Tools

August 21, 2014

Ever looked at a long piece of writing and thought how convenient a quick summary would be? Felt too lazy to skim? We tested the top online summarization tools so you don’t have to.

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