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Keeping your personal and online data private and secure is paramount. You’ll learn how to stay safe online with the best firewall and anti-virus software, how to manage your passwords and how to recognise scams and security risks.



Five Breaches To Your Privacy in 2014 That You Might Have Missed

30th December, 2014

5 Life-Ruining Ways You Can Be Victimized Online

29th December, 2014

Avoid Falling Victim To These Three Ransomware Scams

20th December, 2014

Why Safe Torrenting Died With The Pirate Bay

20th December, 2014

Top 5 Ways You Are Spied On Every Day And Don’t Know It

19th December, 2014

New Malware Highlights Importance Of Updating & Securing Your WordPress Blog

17th December, 2014

How To Identify A Facebook Scam Before It’s Too Late

16th December, 2014

How To Automatically Change Passwords With New LastPass And Dashlane Features

13th December, 2014

Comprehensive Virus Protection For PC, Mac, and Android Through Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device [10 x Licenses + Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 14 Laptop Giveaway]

10th December, 2014

10 Social Mobile Apps That Breach Your Teenager’s Privacy

9th December, 2014
Keyboard and Phone

Four Ways You Can Protect Your Password Manager From Malware

8th December, 2014

The Best VPN Services

3rd December, 2014

Can Hackers REALLY Take Over Your Car?

29th November, 2014

Are Your Home Security Cams Being Streamed Online Without Your Knowledge?

26th November, 2014

Are E-Cigarettes Harmful To Your Computer’s Health?

26th November, 2014

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Can Amnesty International’s Mutant Font Really Keep You Safer Online?

April 17, 2015

We use Arial, Verdana, Georgia, Helvetica and other fonts yet barely notice them. But Amnesty International’s new Mutant Font, will – they say – promote conversations about Internet privacy, Can it actually make you safer online?


The Worst Security & Malware Threats for Online Gamers

March 31, 2015

Hackers and scammers are salivating at the chance to steal a cut of the gaming industry pie. Don’t be a victim; stay protected against security and malware threats to gamers like you and me.

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