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Keeping your personal and online data private and secure is paramount. You’ll learn how to stay safe online with the best firewall and anti-virus software, how to manage your passwords and how to recognise scams and security risks.



The Privacy Mine: National Security Letters and Warrant Canaries Explained

18th November, 2014

Facebook Photo Privacy Settings You Need To Know About

17th November, 2014

Quantum Computers: The End of Cryptography?

16th November, 2014

8 Email Security Tips You Can Share With Friends & Colleagues

15th November, 2014

3 Online Fraud Prevention Tips You Need To Know In 2014

14th November, 2014

Windows Users Beware: You’ve Got A Serious Security Issue

13th November, 2014

Two-Factor Authentication Hacked: Why You Shouldn’t Panic

13th November, 2014
Jennifer Lawrence

How A “Minor” Data Breach Made Headline News & Ruined Reputations

11th November, 2014

What Is A Website Security Certificate, And Why Should You Care?

10th November, 2014

4 Ways To Avoid Being Hacked Like A Celebrity

6th November, 2014

How You Can Officially Browse Facebook Over Tor

6th November, 2014

Are Hacked Email Account Checking Tools Genuine Or A Scam?

5th November, 2014

Stop! Thief! Prevent Your Camera Being Stolen With Lenstag

3rd November, 2014

4 Easy Ways To Find Out Who Is Looking For You Online

30th October, 2014

Testing A New Operating System? Stay Secure With A Virtual Machine

30th October, 2014

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Will Facebook’s New Flagging Feature Stifle Freedom of Speech?

February 25, 2015

Introduced ostensibly to help Facebook remove fake news stories, thereby stopping such a post going viral, it turns out that the new flagging feature is open to abuse.


Why You Can’t Access Your Locked Microsoft Account

February 23, 2015

We attempt to help you to work out why your attempts to unlock your Microsoft account have failed.


Blackhat Shows Us the Power of Hackers; But Is It Accurate?

February 16, 2015

Blackhat is the latest in a line of “hacking action” movies and paints a scary picture of what nefarious computer geniuses can do. But how accurate is it? Should we be worried?


The Linux Ghost Flaw: Everything You Need To Know

February 27, 2015

The GHOST vulnerability is a flaw in a vital part of every major Linux distro. It could, in theory, allow hackers to take control of computers without the need for a username or password.

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