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Keeping your personal and online data private and secure is paramount. You’ll learn how to stay safe online with the best firewall and anti-virus software, how to manage your passwords and how to recognise scams and security risks.



Spooked: Inside Canada’s Most Secretive Spy Agency

14 hours ago

Are You Spamming Your Email Contacts? How to Find Out & Fix the Problem

2 days ago

OpenCandy: The Reason You Should Never Just Click “Next”

4 days ago
Intel Free Press - Keys on Keyboard

Five Things Banks Will Never Ask You Online

1 week ago

7 Mistakes You’re Making While Browsing the Web

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Siri Is Listening: Has iOS Privacy Been Blown Open?

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Mac User With Ransomware? How To Easily Remove This “Malware” Threat

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How to Avoid Malware When Viewing Videos on YouTube

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Can A Cyberattack Cause Physical Damage To Your Hardware?

11th March, 2015

SuperFREAK: New Security Bug Vulnerablity Affects Desktop & Mobile Browser Security

10th March, 2015

Could These NSA Cyber-Espionage Techniques Be Used Against You?

10th March, 2015

How Does Encryption Work, and Is It Really Safe?

9th March, 2015

How to Easily Remove A Browser Redirect Virus

6th March, 2015

3 Ways Technology Can Be Used To Limit Your Privacy & Freedoms

5th March, 2015

5 Ways to Make Sure Public Computers You Use Are Safe

3rd March, 2015

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How to Avoid Malware When Viewing Videos on YouTube

March 16, 2015

300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, so it is no surprise that malicious links can be found. Here are a few ways you might end up with malware watching YouTube videos.


5 Effective Tools to Encrypt Your Secret Files

March 3, 2015

We need to pay closer attention than ever before towards encryption tools and anything designed to protect our privacy. With the right tools, keeping our data safe is easy.

Facebook Spies

Facebook Privacy: 25 Things The Social Network Knows About You

February 28, 2015

Facebook knows a surprising amount about us – information we willingly volunteer. From that information you can be slotted into a demographic, your “likes” recorded and relationships monitored. Here are 25 things Facebook knows about you.


How You Can Use Geofencing to Improve Your Privacy & Security

March 2, 2015

Geofencing uses GPS to define geographical boundaries, and can prove very useful in managing your personal security.

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