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This is where content ends up when it doesn’t have a natural home, which makes for an eclectic mix of content. Expect video roundups, music downloads, and slightly off the wall hardware advice, to name just a few subject matters on offer.


The Best Internet Memes Of 2013 [Weird & Wonderful Web]

5th January, 2014
Sound Sunday Retina Logo

The Best Free Music Downloads Of 2013 [Sound Sunday]

30th December, 2013

The Whiniest Christmas Gift Complaints On Twitter [Weird & Wonderful Web]

29th December, 2013

More Than Just Photography: 10 Videos Shot With DSLR Cameras

28th December, 2013

Fascinating Open Letters the Internet Made Possible

27th December, 2013

3 Signs Your Political Viewpoints Are Completely Accurate [Opinion]

24th December, 2013
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Traditional & Alternative Christmas Music – 13 Free Album Downloads [Sound Sunday]

23rd December, 2013

Learn All About Santa, Just In Time For Christmas [Weird & Wonderful Web]

22nd December, 2013

MakeUseOf Fails In 2013 [We Ask You Results]

18th December, 2013

Etiquette For Phones: Is Your Smartphone Making You Totally Obnoxious?

17th December, 2013
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Relax & Sleep Better With These Free Music Downloads [Sound Sunday]

16th December, 2013

The Best, Worst, & Funniest Selfies Of 2013 [Weird & Wonderful Web]

15th December, 2013

Follow These 17+ Accounts For The Most Hilarious Tech Cartoons

12th December, 2013

Using The Air Miles: 5 Tips To Keep Your Productivity While Flying

11th December, 2013
phone 1680

Save Money By Switching To An MVNO: 4 Requirements You Must Know

10th December, 2013

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You Love Apple Or Hate Apple, No Exceptions [We Ask You Results]

March 19, 2014

What’s clear is that a) everyone has an opinion and b) everyone sees this in black and white.


Virtual Reality Is The Future… One Day [We Ask You Results]

April 2, 2014

Does the MakeUseOf readership feel that VR is going to truly become mainstream in the future? Read on to find out.

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