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This is where content ends up when it doesn’t have a natural home, which makes for an eclectic mix of content. Expect video roundups, music downloads, and slightly off the wall hardware advice, to name just a few subject matters on offer.



6 Life Habits That Programming Could Teach You Today

9th January, 2014

Short Of Ideas For Your Next Project? Here Are 5 Web Tricks To Help

7th January, 2014

Orbotix Launches Mobile-Controlled Toy Robot Sphero 2b

7th January, 2014

The Best Internet Memes Of 2013 [Weird & Wonderful Web]

5th January, 2014
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The Best Free Music Downloads Of 2013 [Sound Sunday]

30th December, 2013

The Whiniest Christmas Gift Complaints On Twitter [Weird & Wonderful Web]

29th December, 2013

More Than Just Photography: 10 Videos Shot With DSLR Cameras

28th December, 2013

Fascinating Open Letters the Internet Made Possible

27th December, 2013

3 Signs Your Political Viewpoints Are Completely Accurate [Opinion]

24th December, 2013
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Traditional & Alternative Christmas Music – 13 Free Album Downloads [Sound Sunday]

23rd December, 2013

Learn All About Santa, Just In Time For Christmas [Weird & Wonderful Web]

22nd December, 2013

MakeUseOf Fails In 2013 [We Ask You Results]

18th December, 2013

Etiquette For Phones: Is Your Smartphone Making You Totally Obnoxious?

17th December, 2013
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Relax & Sleep Better With These Free Music Downloads [Sound Sunday]

16th December, 2013

The Best, Worst, & Funniest Selfies Of 2013 [Weird & Wonderful Web]

15th December, 2013

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Rock Your Road Trip With Free Music Downloads [Sound Sunday]

March 24, 2014

Road trips are not the same without music. You know how radio stations blast the same songs over and over again, spiced up with news and commercials? Rather bring your own mix.


Is Virtual Reality Going To Change The World? [We Ask You]

March 27, 2014

We’re particularly keen to hear your feelings about virtual reality in the home. Will it ever be mainstream?


Virtual Reality Is The Future… One Day [We Ask You Results]

April 2, 2014

Does the MakeUseOf readership feel that VR is going to truly become mainstream in the future? Read on to find out.

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