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Office For iPad, NSA Database, Twitter Billboard, Google Naps [Tech News Digest]

28th March, 2014

Twitter Gives You Photo Tagging & Four Photos With Each Share

27th March, 2014

iOS Twitter Client Twitterrific Goes Free

27th March, 2014

Turkey Twitter War, Gmail Snooping, BlackBerry Leaks, MS-DOS Secrets [Tech News Digest]

27th March, 2014

Google Presentation and Drawing Apps Add Image Cropping, Masks and Borders

27th March, 2014

Be Mobile & Travel Well With Expedia’s New Responsive Homepage Redesign

26th March, 2014

On A Diet? Google Lets You Compare Any Two Foods’ Nutritional Information

26th March, 2014

Facebook Oculus Rift, HTC One M8, MS-DOS Source Code, IRS Bitcoin [Tech News Digest]

26th March, 2014

Google Launches Photowall For Chromecast To Share Images On TV

26th March, 2014

Quora Announces Verified Profiles For Select Users

26th March, 2014

Major League Gaming App Comes To Xbox 360 With Live eSports Viewing

25th March, 2014

Microsoft Offers $100 Discount On Select PCs To Windows XP Users Willing To Upgrade

25th March, 2014

Designer Google Glass, Verified Quora, Free Auroracoin, Linux ATMs [Tech News Digest]

25th March, 2014

Huawei Spying, XP Upgrades, Twitter Music, Google Glass Myths [Tech News Digest]

24th March, 2014

Learnist Makes Learning Stylish With A New Look And A Reading List

23rd March, 2014

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IFTTT Comes To The iPad With Recipe Collections, iOS Notifications, & Photo Triggers

April 5, 2014

IFTTT is already the best no-frills way to automate some part of your online life. Now, you can automate a few things on the iPad with the newly launched IFTTT iPad app.


Get 1TB Of Cloud Storage With MediaFire For $2.50 A Month

April 11, 2014

The regular price for 1TB of MediaFire storage is normally $5, but for a “limited time”, you can sign up for the 1TB plan for $2.50. Your move Google!


Apple Admits Failure, Android TV, Windows In The Car, Amazon Dash [Tech News Digest]

April 7, 2014

Apple admits failure, Google works on Android TV, Microsoft wants Windows in your car, Amazon unveils Dash, Microsoft fixes Xbox One flaw, IFTTT for iPad, and every SNES start screen compiled into one epic video.


Humble Bundle PC and Android 9 Gets Even Better With 3 More Games

April 11, 2014

Humble Bundle PC and Android 9 already featured six fantastic games for less than $4, but now the Humble crew has just added three more games to the mix, all without increasing the required minimum price.

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