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Google Delivers Self-Driving Car, Facebook Releases Stickered App [Tech News Digest]

23rd December, 2014

Your Facebook Year In Review, OK Google, Buy Me A Chromebook [Tech News Digest]

22nd December, 2014

Google Develops Android Cars, Instagram Culls Fake Users, & More… [Tech News Digest]

19th December, 2014

Sony Pulls The Interview After Terror Threat From Hackers, & More… [Tech News Digest]

18th December, 2014

Apple Innocent In iTunes Indictment, Facebook Enhances Your Photos [Tech News Digest]

17th December, 2014

Skype Offers Universal Translator, Facebook Stops Accepting ‘Users’ [Tech News Digest]

16th December, 2014

IsoHunt Resurrects The Pirate Bay, Mr Hoverboard Copies Marty McFly [Tech News Digest]

15th December, 2014

Zuckerberg Dislikes Facebook Dislikes, Ed Sheeran Praises Spotify [Tech News Digest]

12th December, 2014

New Google Cardboard Apps, BitTorrent Browser Maelstrom [Tech News Digest]

11th December, 2014

Microsoft Teases Windows 10 Release, The Pirate Bay Goes Offline [Tech News Digest]

10th December, 2014

Netflix Plans World Domination, Facebook Improves Search Options [Tech News Digest]

9th December, 2014

Zuckerberg Defends Free Facebook, Cortana On Windows 10, & More… [Tech News Digest]

8th December, 2014

Amazon Elements Is Ethical, Woz Debunks Apple Origin Myth, & More… [Tech News Digest]

5th December, 2014

Google Comes For Your Children, Spotify Details Your Year In Music, & More…[Tech News Digest]

4th December, 2014

Twitter Fights Bullying, Indiegogo Insures Against Failure, & More… [Tech News Digest]

3rd December, 2014

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Microsoft Supports Killing Passwords, Are You Being Spied On? [Tech News Digest]

February 17, 2015

Microsoft hates passwords, spies come clean, AT&T carries BlackBerry, the Dotcom MegaNet, Rock Band reboot rumors, and Cortana makes a good girlfriend.


Buy a OnePlus One Without an Invite, Your Samsung TV is Listening [Tech News Digest]

February 10, 2015

It’s OnePlus One Tuesday, Samsung is listening, Windows 10 due to be finished in June, Imgur Pro is now free, Spot the robot dog, and Uber Seize steals cars.


Facebook Can Cause Depression, Pocket Points Bribes Students [Tech News Digest]

February 4, 2015

Getting depressed over Facebook, bribing students to learn, converting real books into ebooks, the Humble Star Wars Bundle, mourning Monty Oum, and HTC gets into the rap game.


The FCC Preserves Net Neutrality, Hackers Attack Health Insurer [Tech News Digest]

February 5, 2015

Net Neutrality rules, Anthem suffers health setback, BT buys EE, tweets on Google, Netflix lands in Japan, and the biggest Super Bowl commercials get remade in LEGO.

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