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Microsoft Supports Killing Passwords, Are You Being Spied On? [Tech News Digest]

17th February, 2015

Apple Developing Electric Car, Amazon Prime Air Gets Grounded [Tech News Digest]

16th February, 2015

Facebook Lets You Rest In Peace, Testing Windows 10 For Phones [Tech News Digest]

13th February, 2015

Buy & Sell through Facebook, Discover Apps through Pinterest [Tech News Digest]

12th February, 2015

Google Now Answers Health Questions, RapidShare Shuts Down [Tech News Digest]

11th February, 2015

Buy a OnePlus One Without an Invite, Your Samsung TV is Listening [Tech News Digest]

10th February, 2015

Google Launches Virtual Genius Bar, Phishing the Anthem Hack Victims [Tech News Digest]

9th February, 2015

Why Musicians Really Hate Spotify, Swatch Teases Smartwatch Plans [Tech News Digest]

6th February, 2015

The FCC Preserves Net Neutrality, Hackers Attack Health Insurer [Tech News Digest]

5th February, 2015

Facebook Can Cause Depression, Pocket Points Bribes Students [Tech News Digest]

4th February, 2015

Uber Develops Self-Driving Cars, Twitter Unveils Instant Timeline [Tech News Digest]

3rd February, 2015

The Best Super Bowl Commercials 2015, Upgrading The Raspberry Pi [Tech News Digest]

2nd February, 2015

Broadband Is Getting Faster, Super Bowl XLIX Is A No Drone Zone [Tech News Digest]

30th January, 2015

Bill Gates is Worried About AI, Follow Super Bowl XLIX on Facebook [Tech News Digest]

29th January, 2015

Apple Makes Biggest Profit Ever, The Pirate Bay Rises from the Ashes [Tech News Digest]

28th January, 2015

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Facebook Dislikes Inactive Accounts, Harmonix Teases Rock Band 4 [Tech News Digest]

March 6, 2015

Facebook dislikes pages, Rock Band returns, net neutrality naysayers, FREAK Windows attacks, Apple’s plentiful product placement, and Audi fears The Drones.


Tinder Discriminates Against Oldies, Bill Gates is Still Richie Rich [Tech News Digest]

March 3, 2015

Tinder hates old people, Bill Gates is rich, free Epic Unreal Engine, Googling the rainforest, preventing dumb tweets, and a cool Star Wars drone.


Apple Watch Finally Arrives, HBO Now Exclusive to iDevices [Tech News Digest]

March 10, 2015

Apple Watch arrives, HBO Now exclusive, Google releases Android 5.1, Facebook kills Friendfeed, Gigaom is no more, and Samsung builds a Dream Doghouse.


Finding the Most Bigoted Pages on Reddit, a Robot Road Trip, and More… [Tech News Digest]

March 23, 2015

Also: how Windows XP’s persistence is hurting Intel, a sadistic AI weather app, and the Lego-based remake of Jurassic Park you’ve been waiting for.

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