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Don’t miss our regular Mac OS X coverage for software reviews, how-tos and guides for keeping your Mac running smoothly. Apple may control which hardware and software ships with Macs, but there are a huge range of third party tools and customisation options to explore. Moreover, find the best OSX software on our extensive list of top best Mac apps.



Create, Organize & Share Outlines Using Cloud Outliner For iOS & Mac

3rd February, 2014
watch video file on iphone

2 Ways To Convert AVI & MKV Files To Add Videos To iTunes

31st January, 2014

Track How You Spend Time On Your Mac With Timing

27th January, 2014

Take The Stress Out Of Referencing With Zotero

27th January, 2014

Apple Celebrates, Google 4 Samsung, NSA Children, Xbox Fire [Tech News Digest]

27th January, 2014

Task-Oriented Email App Mail Pilot Arrives On Mac OS X

24th January, 2014

Illegal NSA, Mac At 30, Facebook Vs Princeton, Top Gear Street View [Tech News Digest]

24th January, 2014

How To Use Your Downloaded Gmail Data

23rd January, 2014

Add Any Information To Your Mac Desktop With Nerdtool

23rd January, 2014

Which Operating System Should You Choose For Your Next PC

22nd January, 2014

Write Mobile Apps For Any Platform With Intel XDK

20th January, 2014

Perform These 7 Awesome Photoshop Tricks in GIMP

15th January, 2014

CloudApp 2 Brings ‘Instant Drops’ And Redesigns Menu For Easier & Faster Access

13th January, 2014

AppCleaner: The Best Free Uninstaller App For Mac

9th January, 2014

Myris Iris Authentication Device Secures Your Passwords and Usernames

9th January, 2014

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Use Your iMac As A Monitor With Target Display Mode

March 24, 2014

More is not always better, but it’s probably true in terms of screen real estate.


Move Over Shell-Scripts: Is Here, And It’s Awesome.

April 1, 2014

I bet you didn’t know that you could write shell scripts in Python: allows you to call programs, pass parameters and handle outputs.


How To Configure Android USB Tethering on Mac OS X

April 16, 2014

On Windows, Android USB tethering usually works as advertised, but Mac OS X is missing some essential USB network drivers. Here’s what you need to know.


Get Easier Updates With These Alternative App Stores For Mac

March 27, 2014

Tired of manually installing and updating Mac apps? Check out these alternatives to the Mac App Store, offering downloads and updates the App Store can’t.

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