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If you think different, watch this page closely. You’ll find the best software for doing pretty much anything with your Mac, guides to some of Apple’s lesser-known features and tips that will turbocharge your OS X workflow.



How To Schedule Email On Your Mac

8th December, 2014

The Search for the Perfect Mac Desktop Gmail Client

2nd December, 2014

Add Superpowers To Spotlight With This Unofficial Plugin System

2nd December, 2014

The Best Mac OS X Apps

30th November, 2014

Pay What You Want Bundle Include 9 Fantastic Mac Apps And One Course

28th November, 2014

Turn Any Mac Dashboard Widget Into Its Own App

27th November, 2014

Create Powerful Custom Mac Voice Commands With Yosemite & Automator

27th November, 2014

I Think My Mac Has A Virus! 3 Ways You Can Tell

26th November, 2014

Control Your Mac With Voice Commands & Better Dictation In OS X Yosemite

26th November, 2014

How To Reset Your Mac’s SMC & PRAM – And Why

25th November, 2014

Solve Your Mac OS X Clipboard Management Problems With iClip

21st November, 2014

How To Add Absolutely Anything To Yosemite’s Notification Center

19th November, 2014

Telegram Provides A Secure & Fast-Growing Alternative To WhatsApp

17th November, 2014

Chat Outside The Browser With Current, A Facebook App For Mac

14th November, 2014

Forget USB: 8 Thunderbolt Accessories For Your Mac

7th November, 2014

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Do You Think Apple Has Peaked? [MakeUseOf Poll]

March 15, 2015

People have been predicting the downfall of Apple for as long as there has been an outlet for such thoughts. And yet the Apple wagon keeps on rolling on.


Schedule & Browse Time Machine Backups With These Powerful Tools

March 24, 2015

From custom backup times to finding out where those 2 GB of new files are, the right apps can give you power and knowledge Apple’s own tools just don’t provide.


5 Sites to Become an ASCII Art Master

March 26, 2015

A motley group of letters, numbers, and symbols that have no significance until you turn them into art. With the right tools you too can be a master ASCII artist.


Automate Mac Settings Depending On Your Location With ControlPlane

February 26, 2015

You use your Mac differently at home than you do at work. What if it knew the difference between these contexts, and set itself up accordingly?

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