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Don’t miss our regular Mac OS X coverage for software reviews, how-tos and guides for keeping your Mac running smoothly. Apple may control which hardware and software ships with Macs, but there are a huge range of third party tools and customisation options to explore. Moreover, find the best OSX software on our extensive list of top best Mac apps.



MacPilot Makes Changes To Your Mac You Thought Couldn’t Be Made

20th February, 2014

New Mac? Don’t Waste Time Installing Free Software; Use GetMacApps Instead

18th February, 2014

Clockwise Triggers Mac Actions So You Don’t Have To

18th February, 2014

Mind Map Ideas, Projects and Tasks With MindNode for Mac and iOS

14th February, 2014

How To Add Storage To Your MacBook With An SD Card

13th February, 2014

Top 7 Ways to Personalize Your Mac OS X Desktop

11th February, 2014

Snapped Bypasses Snapchat’s Limitations On Mac OS X

11th February, 2014

Meetings vs. Meetings: Two Mac Applications for Managing Agendas and Minutes

11th February, 2014

How To Use Evernote To Manage Your Meetings

10th February, 2014

Swifty Is The Fastest Way To Send Gmail, Facebook Messages and DMs From OS X

8th February, 2014

Evernote For Mac Updates To Let You Search With Everyday Language

7th February, 2014

Sync Your Mac & iOS Clipboard With Command-C & Scribe

6th February, 2014

10 More Alfred Workflows to Send Tweets, Set Reminders & More

5th February, 2014

Live Wallpaper For Mac? It’s Easier Than You Think

4th February, 2014

Create, Organize & Share Outlines Using Cloud Outliner For iOS & Mac

3rd February, 2014

Popular Now


Quick Look Plugins Make File Browsing On OS X Even Better

April 14, 2014

Bolster your Mac’s Quick Look function with better file support. If there’s a format you wish you could preview, there’s probably a plugin for the job.


Dukto Offers Cross-Platform, Drag-And-Drop File Sharing

April 1, 2014

Drag and drop a file; send it to the desktop of another computer on your network. Dukto makes local file sharing simple, regardless of operating system.


Microsoft Office for Mac: Is It Any Different?

April 2, 2014

There have traditionally been both good and bad differences between the Windows and Mac versions, so we were wondering if this was still true today.


Transfer Files Quickly Across Your Devices Using Feem

March 31, 2014

Android and Apple users enjoy the benefit of hassle-free file transfers. Unfortunately, the available apps have limited cross-platform functionality. Try Feem for Android, iOS, OS X, Linux, Mac and Windows.

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