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If you think different, watch this page closely. You’ll find the best software for doing pretty much anything with your Mac, guides to some of Apple’s lesser-known features and tips that will turbocharge your OS X workflow.



Which Apple Products Do You Currently Own? [MakeUseOf Poll]

8th February, 2015

5 Ways to Strip the Formatting When You Copy & Paste Text

6th February, 2015

Pop Ups on Your Mac? How to Stop Them Once and For All

6th February, 2015

4 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Google Earth Pro

5th February, 2015

Everything You Can Do to Free up Space on Your Mac

5th February, 2015

The Best Built-In Mac Tips You’ve Never Heard of, According to Reddit

5th February, 2015

Too Much Screen Space? 6 Ways To Use Your Multiple Monitor Mac Setup

29th January, 2015

Apple Tax: Why Do Macs Hold Their Resale Value?

28th January, 2015

Get Some Work Done: The Best Writing Environments for Mac OS X

6th January, 2015

Install Mac Software From Terminal With Homebrew

23rd December, 2014

Mac OS X Yosemite, From The Perspective Of A Linux User

22nd December, 2014

Desk Lets Bloggers Focus On What Matters: Writing

15th December, 2014

Customize Almost Anything On Your Mac With EasySIMBL

12th December, 2014

Deliveries Tracks Incoming Packages, Adds Dates To Your Calendar

11th December, 2014

How To Try Windows 10 On Your Mac Free & Easy

10th December, 2014

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March 20, 2015

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March 26, 2015

A motley group of letters, numbers, and symbols that have no significance until you turn them into art. With the right tools you too can be a master ASCII artist.


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March 24, 2015

Excited about the Apple Watch? Here are the best sites where you can find out more about it.


10 Intriguing Ideas to Help Apple Find Its Mojo

March 26, 2015

Apple has built its business by innovating, and it’s in danger of losing its reputation as being the company that goes where others fear to tread. Tim Cook and co. need fresh ideas.

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