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Don’t miss our regular Mac OS X coverage for software reviews, how-tos and guides for keeping your Mac running smoothly. Apple may control which hardware and software ships with Macs, but there are a huge range of third party tools and customisation options to explore. Moreover, find the best OSX software on our extensive list of top best Mac apps.



StatusDuck Replaces Your Mac’s Dock With Menubar Icons

28th July, 2014

Atraci Offers 60 Millions Songs For Free Without Ads

26th July, 2014

Rip Your DVDs & Blu-Rays With Absolute Ease With MakeMKV [Cross-Platform]

25th July, 2014

Google Wants To Map Your DNA, Download OS X Yosemite Now, And More… [Tech News Digest]

25th July, 2014

Apple Rolls Out 2-Step Verification Worldwide, Protect Your Account Now

22nd July, 2014

Add Beautiful Widgets To Your Mac Desktop With Übersicht

21st July, 2014

The Best Free & Cheap Audio Editors For Mac OS X

21st July, 2014

Protect Your Mac Browsing With CyberGhost For OS X

21st July, 2014

What Will Be Your Next Computer Purchase? [MakeUseOf Poll]

20th July, 2014

Is OneNote for Mac A Viable Alternative to Evernote?

15th July, 2014

Go Clean Your Hard Drive: 5 Things You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less

15th July, 2014

How To Create Awesome Slideshow Presentations In iMovie

14th July, 2014

Launch Your Mac Apps In Three Keystrokes With Twitch

14th July, 2014

Power Up Mac Productivity Using Named Clipboards in Keyboard Maestro

13th July, 2014

Mac Users: Control Streaming Services With Your Media Keys

11th July, 2014

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How To Make Free PDF Forms With LibreOffice Draw

August 7, 2014

A fillable PDF document can help you collect feedback and information and you can print it, too. We show you how to design your own form, step by step.


Your Mac Can Read Any Text To You, Here’s How

August 3, 2014

Whether you want to hear an article while you do something else or want another voice to read your writing back to you for proofreading purposes, OS X comes with everything you need.


Atraci Offers 60 Millions Songs For Free Without Ads

July 26, 2014

Can’t find a particular song on Spotify or Rdio? Try Atraci, a Windows, Mac and Linux music player powered by YouTube with no ads and no need to sign up for an account.


Some Of The Best Mac Software Comes Pre-Installed

August 13, 2014

While many Windows systems come bloated with crap you will never need or want, Mac OS X provides these following gems.

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