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If you’re a beginner- or intermediate-level Linux user, we’ll help you make the most of the open-source operating system. Topics covered include the best Linux distros, the best Linux software, and the best Linux games, as well as tips & tricks for those switching from Windows and Mac OS X.



Looking For A Markdown Editor For Linux? Try These 3 Solid Options

1st May, 2014

Stream & Transcode Media To Any Device With PS3 Media Server

29th April, 2014

12 Useful Tweaks To Make Ubuntu Feel Like Home

28th April, 2014

How To Upgrade Or Switch Linux Distros Without Erasing Your Files

26th April, 2014

9 Beautiful Alternatives To The Default Linux Icon Sets

23rd April, 2014

Make Your Linux System More Responsive with Ulatencyd

21st April, 2014

The Death Of XP: Advantage Linux [We Ask You Results]

16th April, 2014

Video Editing on Linux Just Got Better With PiTiVi

15th April, 2014

7 Reasons You Should Upgrade To GNOME 3.12 On Linux

14th April, 2014

Humble Bundle PC and Android 9 Gets Even Better With 3 More Games

11th April, 2014

The Best Linux Distributions For Windows XP Refugees

9th April, 2014

How Can I Extract Audio From An MP4 Or YouTube Video?

9th April, 2014

Dukto Offers Cross-Platform, Drag-And-Drop File Sharing

1st April, 2014

Move Over Shell-Scripts: Is Here, And It’s Awesome.

1st April, 2014

Transfer Files Quickly Across Your Devices Using Feem

31st March, 2014

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July 10, 2014

If you want an uncomplicated note-taking app, Simplenote is not the only noteworthy (excuse the pun) option available to you.


Linux In Overdrive: How To Get Every Drop Of Performance Out Of Your System

July 22, 2014

This isn’t about making your Linux installation even leaner (although it does make a difference). No, this is all about forcing your hardware to go full-throttle.


Linux Has More Than Just Indie Games: Top 8 Blockbuster Games Available

June 29, 2014

While it’s true that Windows still has a better selection of games, there are plenty of “AAA” titles (the really big hits) that are already available under Linux.


Your First Home Theatre PC: YouTube Videos On Your TV And More

July 2, 2014

This article will give you an overview of how to set up an HTPC, the amazing power it offers, ways to personalize yours, and how to control your system with ease.

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