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Get the most out of earth’s best open-source operating system. We’ll highlight the best Linux distros, software and games, and share tips useful for anyone switching from Windows or OS X.



Linux VPS Hosting: How to Choose Your Virtual Private Network Host

8th March, 2015

Distro Indecision: A Cheat’s Guide to Choosing a Linux Distribution

6th March, 2015

Linux Disk Space: How to Visualize Your Usage

6th March, 2015

Why You Really Want a Linux Virtual Server Instead of a Private Server

5th March, 2015

5 Modern Linux Torrent Clients for Fast Downloads

5th March, 2015

Linux Treasures: 11 Sublime Native Linux Apps That Will Make You Want To Switch

4th March, 2015

10 Mistakes That Make You Sound Like a Rookie Linux User

4th March, 2015

5 Amazing Linux Video Players for Watching Movies and Shows

4th March, 2015

The BASIC Guide to GAMBAS: All You Need To Know

3rd March, 2015

The Very Best Linux Desktop Environment For Programming: The Secrets Of The Pros

3rd March, 2015

7 Reasons Zenwalk Should Now Be On Your Radar

3rd March, 2015

Linux-Loving Slack Users: Here’s an App For You!

2nd March, 2015

5 Amazing Linux IRC Clients to Keep You Chatting

2nd March, 2015

The Linux Ghost Flaw: Everything You Need To Know

27th February, 2015

Email on Linux: 4 of the Best Email Clients Available

27th February, 2015

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Beyond PowerPoint: 4 Linux Presentation Tools

April 24, 2015

Go beyond LibreOffice Impress, go beyond PowerPoint! Linux has many options for presentations, and these lesser-known desktop apps are lightweight, powerful, and will certainly surprise you with what they can do.


How to Modify & Manage the Hosts File in Linux

April 30, 2015

Modifying a little known feature called the hosts file can improve your system security, whether you need to create shortcuts, block websites, or more. But how do you find and make changes to it?


Why Do People Contribute to Open Source Projects?

May 20, 2015

Open source development is the future of software. It’s great for users because open source software is usually available gratis and often safer to use. But what compels developers to contribute code for free?

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